Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My UTI story

This post is about urinary track infections. Be warned, I explain everything!

I caught a UTI somehow, right after B and I were married. I did have food poisoning before this, and it is said that salmonella can cause a secondary infection, usually a UTI.
After my honeymoon I noticed I was peeing blood. This freaked me out (I thought my kidneys were failing) so I immediately went to the doctor and they gave me a 3 day dose of antibiotics for a UTI. This stopped the blood, but I was still having frequency problems (when you have a UTI you have to go. All. The. Time) and pain when urinating (it hurts)!

So two weeks later I went BACK to the doctor (this was at a walk in clinic) because I was still experiencing these discomforts. After having me pee in a cup, the doctor told me that I probably had a STD, but it didn't look like I had a UTI anymore. What? 

No, I told him. I don't have any STDs. I still have a UTI. He said I was wrong, and told me to go to my gynecologist and get checked out. But I didn't have any insurance yet (B had filed paperwork for this, but we hadn't received my card)

So since I couldn't go to the Gyno right now, B went to get tested. He was clean.

Two more weeks after B was experimented on, I mean, tested, my insurance stuff finally came in and I went to my gynecologist for STD examination. They told me I didn't have any STDs (duh) but I still had a UTI. Wonder why that other doctor didn't see it? Did he even do a test?

Trust me, the story only gets worse.

My gyno gave me a 5 day antibiotic treatment. I took it. My symptoms went away. I was sleeping so much better (didn't have to wake up to pee in the middle of the night, huzzah!) and no more pain or frequency issues.

But then...like clockwork, two weeks later my UTI came right back. I checked into natural remedies. The internet said take cranberry pills. So I started taking cranberry pills. These did nothing but lessen my symptoms for a day or so.

So, like a smart person I decided that I won't go back to that first doctor that didn't believe me. I made another appointment with my Gyno.

They tested me for a UTI there and said it was negative. I probably had a STD, they said. Had I had any new partners since I last came in?

What? No! I replied. I'm married.

They basically told me I was making the whole thing up. The pain, everything. I explained that last time my other doctor had told me I didn't have a UTI but it turned out I did when I came here. They rolled their eyes and acted like I was stupid, but they said they would send my sample to a lab for more detailed examination. 

I cried on the way home. Was I wrong? Am I being stupid? I thought. But no. Something was wrong. Those next few days were really hard. It felt like my bladder was attacking me.

About four days later my Gyno called. Lo and behold I still had a UTI. She actually apologized and told me if I had any more trouble to come back immediately, and she phoned in a 7 day antibiotic prescription for me at my local CVS.

I took it. And guess what. Yup. Two weeks later my UTI came right back. I remember sitting in bed with B and crying because it felt so hopeless.

I didn't go back to the doctor right away. I was annoyed that they hadn't believed me and I wanted to take things into my own hands. I'd caught the UTI at the end of November and it was almost March! The antibiotic clearly wasn't helping.

I researched and researched EVERYWHERE on the internet and found a "herb" called D-Mannose was supposed to be really good for UTI prevention.

What the heck--I'll try it! Can't hurt, right?
D Mannose to treat UTI
not the brand I took
So I stared taking this D-Mannose and also a whole food vitamin. I prayed and begged God to cure me. I took D-Mannose for two days. My symptoms went away. They have never returned to this day! To say I'm relieved is an understatement.

Moral of the story? Doctors are smart, but they are not God. And they can be wrong. Also, I really hate being told that someone else knows my body better then me. Did the D-Mannose cure my UTI? Who knows? Maybe my body fought it off. Maybe the vitamin pills helped. I'm just glad its gone and I hope it never comes back.

*this post is not to be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor. This is just my experience :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr. Adventure says

My husband, herein called Mr. Adventure, will thus entertain you with glimpses into the male mind. 
man on motorcycle
He calls it his baby. I call it the death machine. 
  • Upon Mr. Adventure's arrival home 
B: Hey.
Me: Mmm
B: Seriously, you had all day to play with your iphone. Hi would be nice?
Me: I'm looking up an article you have to read since you just got here.
B: Whats it about?
Me: Justin Bieber.
B: What do you DO all day?
(Note, the article was about the new "fair market" tax that is going around, I was just picking on poor Mr. Adventure)
  • The next morning 
Me: Hey, have you seen my iphone?
B: *looks sheepish*
Me: Uh, hello? Do you have my phone?
B: I hid it.
B: Yeah. instead of playing with it all day maybe you could wash the sheets?
  • Discussing why I've been irritable lately 
Me: I think I'm starting my period?
B: Why don't you just have a comma this time?
  • When out shopping with a friend, trying to find something she liked
B: She makes everything so hard.
Me: @_o
Me: Thats...
B: AHHHHHHHHHHHH *covers ears*
me: what she said...
couple snow kiss
Mr. Adventure with his two favorite things: Coffee and Wifey :P
  • When I was reading a book on the couch 
Me: Why are you pinching me?
B: I just wanted to see if you were real.
Me: Uh, shouldn't you have figured that out before we got married?
  • A few moments later
Me: You can stop pinching me now.
B: I haven't figured it out yet.

Want more of Mr. Adventure? There is a part one, two, three, and four, all here just for you :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tales of a Car Accident

Two weeks ago, Mr. Adventure and I were siting happily at a red light, minding our own business, when suddenly I happened to glance behind us and see this blue car speeding down the turn lane...not stopping. He was NOT stopping!

I yelled "He's going to hit us" and then, he hit us. The next few moments are a blur--but the police showed up, we were all alive--they took names and everything.
his car.
It was his fault because, of course, he failed to stop and crashed into us as we were sitting waiting for a light to turn green. I had some terrible neck pain so I went to the emergency room to get checked out.

What I didn't know at the time of this wreck is that I was newly pregnant. I found out a few days later and both Brian and I were beyond ecstatic! I was worried that the car wreck could have hurt something, but at the hospital at the time of the accident had done a pregnancy test (because they wanted to take an X ray) and it had been negative.

It only took three days for a positive to show up! Female hormones must be amazing.

Fast forward a week or two. Sadly, I started bleeding. I was super scared! B and I went back to the emergency room and it turned out I was having a miscarriage. They said I was 3-4 weeks along, too soon to see anything, but they did a blood test to confirm.

This is sad news, but I know God is in control of my life and that I will submit to him in everything. Please pray for me and B. I know our little one is in the arms of God!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Beth's Dress

So I had this amazing idea--to make a dress for my friend and then tie dye it!
Remember this dress I made? I used the same pattern when creating this outfit for Beth. (Except for, I used the pattern correctly this time...hah, take that, learning curve!) 

I've never actually tried to make a dress specially for someone, so I was really nervous. I like how it turned out, but will it fit her? Also, Beth, I forgot that you are a tad on the skinny short side (I mean, you are shorter then me. I always forget this because you have such a colorful personality) Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I forgot to take your height into consideration when sewing for you. Opps. This might need to be hemmed when you visit.

I hope you like it :)

And yes, I will be offering tie dyed dresses in my shop soon! "Soon" as in,  "I figure out how to get my sewing machine not to eat zippers". Twice. Gah! I'maworkinprogress.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


What do I wear when I'm just laying around the house? Uh, in the winter, my husbands sweatpants, usually (so attractive, I know). In the spring, I usually opt for something like this:
This dress is super comfy and long. You may think I'd be hot with the sleeves, but I'm actually always cold in spring and find things like this to help my body regulate my temperature better. 
Yes, if you've noticed, I've worn these leggings in my past four fashion posts. They. Go. With. Everything. I wear them under all my dresses in spring. Seriously.
Shirtdress: Ross
Owl Necklace: Etsy (via FaustaStore) I named her Olive
Shoes: Mother Nature

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When all else fails

When all else fails, and your closet offers nothing...wear handmade!
I made this dress out of two thrifted sheets. I love it! Its rainbow and green. What more can a girl ask for? (Ok, Mr. Adventure "to have the dress on the ground" does not count -_-) 
I made the necklace too :) And yeah, I'm still wearing my leggings. And I really didn't plan the hearts on the back. I ran out of sheet (or miscalculated?) and thus hearts were needed to protect my bum. :)
If you think this dress is super duper amazing, next week I am starting a handmade dress giveaway, 10 dresses in 10 weeks. 

I'm thinking of buying a copy of the amazing Seasoned Quarterly this month. They are having an awesome giveaway here! Also, I'm still linking up with Delirious Rhapsody

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Honeymoon

This post might better be termed "what I wore on my honeymoon" or "how I survived food poisoning". :P
driving to our hotel. Loving B's zombie face :P
So, after our wedding we spent the our *first night* as man and wife about an hour away from home, in a hotel located at the blue ridge mountains. The scenery was stunning, lots of trees--and it was amazedly quiet, away from civilization. The hotel didn't have TV or internet and the receptionist seemed kinda confused as to why we would want to stay there. (seriously she told my husband that we shouldn't stay there o.O because we would be bored)
fun things for our night ;P
We were not planning on watching TV or internet. I didn't miss the internet one time that night. ^_~ Mums the word on what we found to do for fun, through :P 
so many people honked at us :)
The next day B told me that we were going on a cruise! OMG! Freak out time! We hit the road for FL, where he said he booked a hotel with a jacuzzi for our next night before we were to board our boat on Sunday. Our hotel DID have a jacuzzi in it, and a king sized bed. Heaven. We drove 10 hours from our home to get to our hotel. Long drive, but so much fun!
The third day we made it to Tampa, another four hours from our jacuzzi-room hotel, where our boat was to take off. It was huge. I couldn't believe I was about to be on a boat!! The room was a lot larger then I thought it would be, and we even had a balcony. 
The next day was a "Fun day at Sea" and B and I drank alcohol on deck and sunbathed and swam and sat in a hot tub and explored and ate way to much food...
The next day we landed at Purta Maya. 
We had some salsa at a fat tuesday. We both got food poisoning that night.
just hours before the food poisoning hits...
The third day on our cruise was basically spent in bed, ordering room service and making multiple trips to our little restroom. I had food poisoning for the reset of the entire week, and then caught the flu the day we arrived back in Tampa. B had his for about 3 more days and then was fine. Lucky.
The fourth day of our cruise I started my period. I'll be honest and say I panicked. I'd planned our wedding so this wouldn't happen! Why am I having my period a week early? I didn't know how to tell B. I had no idea what he would do. Would he be grossed out? 

Actually, he didn't mind. I stressed out for nothing. Hah. 
After this B and I decided to ignore our food poisoning and have a good time. He bought me a floppy hat. We went to see the mayan ruins and swam at a beach. We visited Roatan and Belize.  
fancy dining night! 
We had a great, wonderful honeymoon, and we made some incredible memories! Sadly, on the drive home I caught the flu. I was miserable and don't remember much of the drive (it took about 16 hours from Tampa to our home) My wonderful husband drove the entire way without complaint (and probably listening to me complain). The next day I noticed I was peeing blood. Yup, I had a urinary track infection, but thats another story for another time (I'm fine now). (Funny how I caught three terrible illnesses the first month we were married. B makes fun of me)
Oh, how I love you, dear wonderful sweet husband and I'll always remember our honeymoon. I'll laugh at the little trials we went through, but I'll never regret marrying you. And thanks for taking care of me when I was puking :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Forgetful Librarian

a forgetful librarian
Once upon a time there was a very forgetful librarian. When her husband came home, dinner would be in the planning stages, etched out in some corner of her binder, the ingredients scattered around the cupboards. Of course, she would forget to add sugar. And who can blame her if she inadvertently neglected to buy salt? 
granny square sweater
On a good day, she could be found meandering in one of her neighbors gardens, poetry in hand, reciting sonnets to the ferns and the poises. 
cute hipster girl
boho librarian outfit
Yet her husband loved her, despite her faults. He saw her kind heart, as she fed the stray cats behind the  library while waiting for him to pick her up. Sometimes he would park around the corner, just to watch her. 

Of course, they lived happily ever after, with their three kids, two dogs, and even a rooster named Don Quixote.
Sweater: Kitty Adventures 
Skirt: Goodwill
Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift

Linking up with Delirious Rhapsody

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mint and Ruby?

Can you wear teal and red together? What about mint and ruby? I think you can. Because fashion has no rules. Happy Sunday. Linking up with Delirious Rhapsody again today :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bohemian Summer

bohemian mini dress
Today I'm linking up for Delirious Rhapsody's Spring Fashion week! 
delirious rhapsodydelirious rhapsody
For the first day I knew I wanted to take an outfit Deanna wore and and show how I'd wear it. We have a similar style so I knew I could find something in her wardrobe that I also owned! 
So, here is Deanna wearing a boho pullover minidress for fall. Isn't she cute? I love her stripped sweater. It's spring now, so here is how I would rework this piece with warm weather in mind! 
I kept the braids from her first picture and also wore black leggings, through I opted for a knee length in order to keep cool. I usually have a hat on, (I love hats) and I decided to wear my floral shoes that my husband bought me last spring when we were dating.
silly ginger girl
I just bought this frumpy bag at Goodwill and I take it everywhere. It fits 4 balls of yarn easily and a notebook, my cell phone, and other female accessories. 
long red hair braids
How would you wear this boho dress?

Dress: Ross (Deanna got hers from She Said Shop)
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Husband He has great taste 
Hat: April Adriance
Bag: Goodwill

Bonus Photography Tip: 
amateur photography tip
Full sun VS. Full Shade
  • When taking pictures outside, it is best to keep to the shadows for an even distribution of light, if you don't know how to manipulate your camera settings.