Monday, April 15, 2013

The Funny Thing about Ok Cupid

So some of you know that I met my husband online. What most of you may not know is that we met on the site Ok Cupid.

When I was out last week I spied this diagram in a men's magazine. Supposedly, this diagram tells men what dating site to sign up for depending on what they want.
online dating chart
of course I took a picture
As you can see, Ok Cupid's criteria falls under "I just want to bang something" and "I don't care if I know his/her name the next day". When I saw this I couldn't stop laughing and I showed my husband and he started laughing.

What? Hah, hah. This is why sometimes I'm afraid to tell others that we met online.


Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

I am so jealous you have met him online. I am on that site too at the moment and I am getting zero luck.

Paul S.V.II said...

I thought Plenty of Fish was more for, fancy that.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

that photo they used for the article is enough to make me laugh. he looks like marky mark.

Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

Yeah pof is like that. Cannot stand the site because so many people have ruined it.

Eeka Cupcake said...

Omg!!! That is so funny! Don't be ashamed that you met him online, a lot of couple now-a-days do that :)



aramanthe said...

No shame in meeting your love online! I found my SO through a craigslist ad I posted on a whim.

Anonymous said...

So many couples meet online these days! No shame there. =)
one sweet tuesday.

noone said...

LOL i got okcupid, and yaaa i do prefer that site over other ones, the test is spot on for POF though, every guy I've met on POF are BUMS who are "currently in between things" haha