Saturday, April 13, 2013


Remember when I put post cards on my neighbor's mailboxes? Well, its been almost a month now and I received only one "response". (A man and his daughter down the street said Hi when B and I were playing in the snow, and remarked on my postcard)

Honestly, I'm bummed. I really want to meet my neighbors! I want to get to know them and to help them out. I'd love to hear about their lives and become their friend--or at least know their face and name so if I see them in the supermarket I can say hi!!

I guess they are all busy. Or they saw my postcard and laughed, before tossing it in the trash.

Last week I was out walking and I saw one of my neighbors out in her yard with her dog. I waved. She didn't. On my way back by her house from walking the loop through the road, I tried to talk to her. She said something to the effect that she was busy and grabbed her dog and ran inside. I was pretty upset when I got home, trying to figure out if I had been rude. But I know I wasn't. I guess she was busy? Or unfriendly? Or just didn't have her make-up on yet?

I'm such a friendly person--I love talking to and meeting new people--I wonder if my upbeat attitude annoys people. I don't want to bother people.

So yeah, thats the update. I guess I'll give up now (well, maybe they'll be outside this spring and I can meet them that way!)

In order to cheer me up, my husband sent me the following meme:
He also reminded me that even if I don't know my actual neighbors, I do have you great blogging neighbors (that my husband calls "those invisible people" that I "spend all day chatting with" and then feel obliged to update him on their blog posts when he gets home.  (haha, he really loves you guys too) So thank you Rachel, Deanna, Paulina, Kristin and Shawna (got your name this time! :P)
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