Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Breakup with Facebook

So, I decided to get rid of my Facebook. Both personal and shop Facebook have been deleted. Now, I didn't make this decision because I think Facebook is wrong, or terrible, or because I'm tired of the drama that I see on there. I've really enjoyed using Facebook for marketing and for social reasons.

So why did I delete it? Well, I found that its irrelevant to my life. Facebook does not help me become a more loving person. I don't see any benefits from using it. You may feel differently,  but these are just my thoughts and feelings. I've had Facebook since I was 17, and it has just outlived its usefulness. I'm tired of knowing my third cousin is having Mcdonalds with his girlfriend...I don't care that the girl I used to know (sort of) in highschool got her hair done at ChaChas last friday...

I also felt like I had spread myself to thin. Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Etsy--so many mediums that I am supposed to be using daily to interact with potential customers.  One of them had to go. I felt like Facebook was the one that took up most of my time, and not just marketing time--personal time also, because I have a Facebook for myself. The time I was spending updating my corporate and personal FB accounts was not paying off--no customers, no deep relationships have been forged in the two years I had my Silver Moon Creations account. And honestly, once I started this blog I updated less and less.

How I was using Facebook just felt so unnecessary to life, so I deleted it.

Another reason I decided to get rid of facebook was the drama it was creating in my marriage. I almost didn't talk about this but its so relevant! When Mr. Adventure and I were married, he didn't have a Facebook, and hadn't had one for three years. He didn't want me to have one either, for a reason I couldn't fathom. I mostly ignored his requests to delete my account, and wrote him off as "one of those social-misunderstanding men" who just didn't understand the "wonderful reasons I used needed Facebook".

We then decided to compromise and make my Facebook a joint account so he could participate also. For some reason through, I really disliked sharing what I considered "my" Facebook. Cue discussions like "why did you make my status say "Tacos"? Him: "Its our status. And we are eating tacos." Me: "You can't have a status that just says tacos!"

To make a long story short, I finally decided it was in our best interest to just close down the account. Maybe one day I'll reopen it again; but when social media becomes an object of stress it needs to go.

How do you feel about Facebook?


  1. i recently reactivated my facebook account after it had been deleted for two years. i hate that i reactivated it, but all the clever girl opps that i post now require a facebook update, and they never did before. yeah, yeah. i'm a sellout. but for a couple extra hundred bucks a month i can't say now.

    i did narrow my friends list down like four hundred people. :) now it really is just close family and a handful of friends. not just a friend of a friend of a friend.

  2. I have been seriously thinking of not getting rid of Facebook, but at least one of my pages. It has over 200 likes, but its like they are not even there because there is no interaction with the page and to be its just a hassle to always remember to update it. So I really to want to seriously consider getting rid of it.

  3. I still have my Facebook, but I rarely use it. I don't update my status or comment on people's walls. I sometimes post pictures just to share with people who are far from my but I want to keep in touch with. I mostly just use it as a communication tool. I have thought about deleting it, but then I don't want people to think I've become a hermit.

  4. I took a step in giving myself a facebook break. Yesterday I deleted the app from my phone. I was getting to tired of the drama as well. Rather than status updates, it seems to have become a place to vent and share political opinions and such. It makes me think too much and my brain hurts. We have our blogs for people to keep in touch. That seems more than adequate! :)

  5. I've heard so many people are getting rid of FB. I still really love it, though. So many of my best friends, and so many of my family member are long distance. None of them blog--while many of them do read my blog, FB is the only way I get to see pictures of them and keep up with what's happening in their lives. I rarely update my status, except when I have exciting news to share with the other side of the world. I occasionally put pictures, when I have some awesome pictures that I don't want to make as public as putting them on the blog! :P But I love being able to keep in touch with faraway people. Email works too, but attaching pictures takes so long!

  6. Facebook isn't the best thing in the world but it's the only way I can communicate with some friends. I actually closed my account a month or so ago and didn't really miss it too much.

  7. I actually am seriously considering getting rid of my facebook too. My boyfriend dumped his a couple months ago and I admire him for doing so. It has also cause me a bunch of drama lately and I realize it's not the best way for me to communicate with people. I am slowly paring down my friends list and starting to use it less.


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