Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. Adventure Says...

 My husband says the silliest things...

1) When talking about home decor:
Me:  I think I'm going to put a curtain on the window in the kitchen. I found this cute blue one at Goodwill!
B: you know the curtains should match the other curtains in the whole room [this by a guy who had no curtains for four years and he's worried about matching?]
Me: Uh, darling, we only have one window in the kitchen/dining room area.
B: Oh...
winch puller
2) After husband comes home from the hardware store:
B: Hey look! I bought a wench puller! Come here wench!
Me: *not amused*
B: *chases*
Me: Eeeak!

3) While editing pictures for a blog post:
Me: I don't think I like this picture
B: Yeah, you look dead in it
Me: o.o
B: I mean, its not your best picture.
Me: *blinky blinky*
B: Because you take amazing beautiful pictures....
Me: Uh huh
B: Am I just making it worse? 
Me: You should never use the words "dead" when referring to a picture of your wife.
B: I was just trying to be truth--Oh, never mind
Me: Thought so. 
kitty eared couple
We both have kitty ears now! Yay!
4) In church:
Me: Where do you want to sit?
B:  Next to you.
Me: *sigh*
:later that day:
Me: What would you like for lunch?
B: Half of whatever you are having?
Me: Seriously?
husband funny
5) After we had been dating for about 4 weeks:
B: What do you mean your hair isn't really red?
Me: Um...
B: What color is it really?
Me: Its, uh, brown?
B: Oh, that's fine.
Me: ???
B: I'm just glad its not blonde.   
I thought of chronicling all the silly things my husband says after reading Rachel's "Angel-isms". Her husband is absolutely hilarious.

Does you husband frequently put his foot in his mouth, or is it just mine? :P


Rachel said...

It must be a guy thing! They're crazy! It's awesome that you're keeping records now, too--sometime you think you'll remember the crazy things they say forever, but it's so easy to forget unless you record then! And it's awesome that he'll wear a kitty hat with you. :P

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i think i'm the one who puts their foot in their mouth around here. although when something surprises peppy, he can't hide his facial expressions. they give away his true feelings. :)

oh! and i get my beanies at forever 21. i have a pretty large noggin, and they are never too tight on me.

Carole said...

Carolyn, thanks for your comment re photo sizing - I have had at least 5 blog friends post that Blogger wouldn't let them post any more photos - so I assumed that they had gone over their limit - I will look into it further. thanks