Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Sewing Machine is Broken

I could literally cry right now.
the object in question
So, for the past few weeks the tension on my sewing machine has been really wonky, causing it to "eat" my fabric. But it was touch-and-go and oiling it seemed to help. THEN the tension broke completely. What I mean by this is my sewing machine tension would go from 0 to 9, from no tension to amazing strong I'm-sewing-on-leather tension, with no middle ground built in for my cotton pieces.
tension for kenmore sewing machine
So I took the tension piece apart to see if I could fix it.
kenmore machine gears
its like trying to solve a rubix cube blindfolded
And now I can't remember how to put it back together again. Wahhh!

Cue panic and my husband trying to give me cookies while I ranted and cried. I found this guide that seems to help, its sort of like my machine. I tried and tried to put it together but to no avail, it refuses to let me fit it.

There is a sewing place in town called "Sew Simple" that will also fix my poor Kenmore for 55$. He also oils and checks all the parts, so I may go this option. (but it was broken before I took it if he puts it together, will it work??)

Then I found a replacement part on Ebay--they only have one listed on their entire site, and I bought it because I couldn't find any more listed and I wanted to make sure I had what I needed.

Lessons learned:

  • Things break. Its okay, and I really need to learn to deal with it. (Poor Mr. Adventure) 
  • I'll get it fixed its just going to take awhile.
  • I really have a problem with patience. I'm so impatient. 
  • It's not the end of the world? Yes it is!!!
Has your sewing machine ever broke? Please, if you know any guides to fixing this problem, leave me a comment. I'll love you forever.


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness- all those tiny pieces! It stinks that your machine messed up.

Mine hasn't been broken (yet :), but it's definitely due a tune-up. I remember freaking out on the very first day I bought my machine. I had never before sewn- I had watched videos and read books and watched the salesman start up the machine, but that's it. I was doing all of this practicing and feeling pretty impressed with myself, but then the fabric got sucked down under the needle plate. I remember thinking: Day 1 and I've already broken my machine! Anyway, I learned that day how to take off my needle plate, so I suppose it was a good learning experience. :)


Rachel said...

Oh man, that's scary! I've only had my machine not quite a year yet, no problems so far, thankfully!

Eeka Cupcake said...

oh no!!! I hope it get fixed!