Friday, April 5, 2013

Mr. Adventure Says

His favorite shirt
When trying to explain to Mr. Adventure about my career goals
B: So you basically want to make a living taking pictures of yourself?

At night, when I am trying to fall asleep
B: Did you leave your fish running? 
Later the next day
B: [text] don't forget to turn off your fish.

Discussing dinner
[B starts jumping up and down and swinging his arms around and screaming]
Me: Are you okay?
B: I think I love you more then I've ever loved you before!!!
Me: uh, why? 
B: You said cheese fries!!!
Me: o.O

At dinner
B: You know, I've been thinking. They should combine Facebook and Gmail and call it facemail.
Me: *quietly eating*
B: Or gbook.

At Barns and Nobles
B: Have you ever noticed that even with all these books in the store you always gravitate towards the ones without any words in them?
Me: *continues browsing journal section* 

On his birthday
B: Why does my cake have only twelve candles on it?
Me: Guess.

My husband really does say these things. And sometimes I remember to write them down. What has your husband been saying lately? 
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