Friday, April 5, 2013

Mr. Adventure Says

His favorite shirt
When trying to explain to Mr. Adventure about my career goals
B: So you basically want to make a living taking pictures of yourself?

At night, when I am trying to fall asleep
B: Did you leave your fish running? 
Later the next day
B: [text] don't forget to turn off your fish.

Discussing dinner
[B starts jumping up and down and swinging his arms around and screaming]
Me: Are you okay?
B: I think I love you more then I've ever loved you before!!!
Me: uh, why? 
B: You said cheese fries!!!
Me: o.O

At dinner
B: You know, I've been thinking. They should combine Facebook and Gmail and call it facemail.
Me: *quietly eating*
B: Or gbook.

At Barns and Nobles
B: Have you ever noticed that even with all these books in the store you always gravitate towards the ones without any words in them?
Me: *continues browsing journal section* 

On his birthday
B: Why does my cake have only twelve candles on it?
Me: Guess.

My husband really does say these things. And sometimes I remember to write them down. What has your husband been saying lately? 


  1. So adorable. Does he have a brother? I need a guy like this in my life.

  2. That's really lovely (:
    He says the most hilarious things ^^

    My newest post is now online!
    I did an interview with the succesfull Ukrainian fashion blogger Anna Gotsyk

    x Elena

  3. I could not get enough of this post, there is too much intense extreme cuteness! xx

  4. My significant other saw me making tea the other day and pulled down some hot cocoa mix to make for himself. When he noticed my steaming cup of tea, he said, "You didn't boil any water! How did you get the water hot?" I just kind of looked at him, then looked at our sink and said, "I let the hot water heater take care of my dirty work." He then felt like a complete goofball.

  5. You have an extremely entertaining husband. I love it.

  6. Haha, the Gbook one made me laugh. Sounds like he's a very funny husband. ^^


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