Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Baby Shower

My good friend (and small group leader) Missy threw me a wonderful baby shower, with food made and brought by her and my mother-in-law and my mom. It was so much fun! I loved being surrounded by friends and family and receiving such amazing wonderful gifts from such caring people for my baby.

There was so much food. My mother in law took all these pictures (I thought I'd have time to take some but I totally forgot so I'm so grateful to her!) I cut out all the people except for Brian and I because I am more and more aware of making sure I don't violate anyone's personal space by putting a picture of them on the internet.

We have to play a game where we had to diaper a "baby" in the dark. Aka blindfolded. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, although it did take awhile!

Success! (We both put the diaper on backwards...)

Opening things and imagining them on my squishy was delightful! I'm washing everything now and I can't wait to put it all away!

My baby shower was amazing. I loved every minute and ate three vegan cupcakes and a lot of popcorn. I am beyond blessed to have such wonderful amazing friends who care so much about me!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Third Trimester Essentials

I'm still using (and needing) everything I talked about in my second trimester essentials post. But I have added a few products to my life that help me out a ton as I traverse the third trimester.

Organic Apple Juice - I don't know if this is a thing, but this organic apple juice helps my acid reflex like woah. I don't like to eat tums because of the food coloring, and I gag if I try to down some apple cider vinegar no matter how much I dilute it (usually they say 1-2 tbsp in 2 cups of water). Apple juice works through. I would have no esophagus I'm sure if I didn't have this to drink. My baby better have a ton of hair because this is not fun.

Body Pillow - I love my C shaped body pillow. I'll be honest, I'm still sleeping really well, and I credit it two things-- one, this body pillow, and two, working out (power walking) in the evenings. Or perhaps I'm just lucky. But who knows. I bought mine off amazon and I sleep with it every night, and I won't give it up no matter how much space it takes up in the bed (sorry husband) (actually not sorry.)

Boob Creme - Okay, this isn't called boob cream. It's actual name is Shea Butter with Avocado Oil by Norwex, but since I exclusively put this on the ladies, I call it boob cream. I don't have any stretch marks on my belly--but half of my breasts look like a war zone. I still put coconut oil on them in the morning but now I'm putting this stuff on them as a night cream.

Probiotics - I feel like talk about my lack of a stellar digestive system a bit to much. But it's true, many women become constipated during pregnancy. I got this probiotic approved by my midwife and it's helping. A lot.

So besides my ever-loving affair with leggings, not much else has changed in the third trimester. What things got you through these last three months?

Friday, May 22, 2015

32 Weeks

I'm starting to get excited guys! Every day that comes is one more day closer to meeting my son. Also, I don't feel afraid or anxious anymore about birth! I feel calm. It's wonderful, and refreshing. I am so uncomfortable through. Instead of this bothering me it actually makes me thrilled because it means birth is getting closer. I feel pressure in my hips and pelvic bones and walking isn't that fun anymore (I'm a turtle) but it means my body is getting ready to expunge a human. Yay!

I've gotten a lot done around the house. I feel ready and prepared. I think this alone has helped with the anxiety I was feeling in the first and second trimesters. The only other thing I want to do is stockpile some freezer meals! (any suggestions?)

The only annoying thing is how everyone (and I mean almost everyone) I meet or run into and yes even random strangers feel the need to tell me how huge I am. Yesterday it happened three times. Once at a Japanese restaurant, the lady behind the cash register told me I was huge and cautioned me not to eat to much, and then she launched into the lecture about how I shouldn't shower every day, because showering in pregnancy makes babies grow. (She was Asian, is this a Asian superstition?) The next lady to comment on my budding baby belly was a cleaning lady at the YMCA. When I getting dressed (and she was mopping) she commented on my hugeness and then proceeded to yell at my behind how I should be giving birth next week as I waddled to the pool. (By the way, the pool is AMAZING when you are growing a human. Talk about taking a load off your back. I never want to leave. And I hate swimming...) I didn't stop to tell her that I was due in July. Goodness knows what she would have said to that.

I'm getting tired of it. I'm growing a human. He's kinda taking up a lot of space. It is necessary. Also, I really don't feel that huge. Who knows? My doctor says Reuben (yes we picked a name. we drew straws. I may not 100% enjoy the name Reuben, but it isn't terrible. His middle name will be Alexander) is in the 80th percentile but still--I'm measuring right on track for bump growth. I try not to let it bother me, but really, why is that all most people say when they first see me? Wow, your huge! Why not congrats, or is it a boy? My belly must shock people.

And I've still never been touched without asking. The thing I thought would happen. I've just been ogled and told how large I am. Bah.

So, yeah. 32 weeks. I'm almost there. I bet he will be a tiny baby and everyone will be wrong. Serves them right, haha.