Thursday, October 15, 2020

Crochet Super Slouchy Leg Warmers

I love these fun legwarmers! They are perfect for fall and crochet in the round with bulky yarn and a 6.0mm crochet hook. Check out the free pattern here! The video is below. How would you wear these?

Monday, October 12, 2020

Wonderfluff Coat

Becky wanted a "fairy coat" and thus I made her this coat with pink trimming out of wonderfluff bulky yarn and some fingering wool yarn from Knitpicks. 

She loves it! I made up the pattern all on my own and crochet it in two days. Oh, those wonderful two days of work. I love the process.

And shes at that age where she will wear anything I make and adore it to pieces which of course goes right to my head.

Friday, October 9, 2020

September Mother Culture

May, June, July and August "Mother Culture" goals had to be put aside due to a miscarriage and my autoimmune diseases flaring. Also the anxiety of covid and political and racial unrest in my country didn't help. But, this is real life. It happens. In September, I became slightly more functional and was able to start knitting and crocheting and reading again. I made something for Becky! I crochet her a hat and a sweater. Isn't she cute?!

I wasn't able to read any of the books I actually scheduled for this month, but that is okay. I'll celebrate what I was able to do, and that was also make something for Reuben. He was gifted this warm hat in green, which he adores, and I'm making it into a pattern to share with you all! He is in this stage where he doesn't like pictures, too, so I had to bribe him with chocolate chips. And of course Becky wanted some too. But I am glad he loves his hat!

I am reading Redeeming Money now for October and also need to find that stocking I started crocheting for my husband. It feels good to be making and planing again, instead of curled up miserably on the couch.