Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Laundry Room Space Saving Hacks

We have an absolutely tiny laundry room. I mean, I wouldn't even call it a room--its actually a closet. In our bathroom. But that space holds a washer, a dryer, two bins for sorting dirty laundry, all our towels and washcloths, a drying wrack for cloth diapers and even our water heater. How do I make it all happen? By using every inch of space I can!

Here is the run down on our tiny laundry room space saving hacks. Hope you like it!

What is your laundry room like?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Week 110

This was a hard week for many reasons. We started out with two of us sick--and one of us not. Guess who? I knit a lot too. But the end of the week was amazing, because I found out what we are having! Yes, I know the gender now. And so can you if you watch our last video!

Two Years Ago
One Year Ago

Friday, November 17, 2017

Lots of Bibs

Recently I have been crocheting a lot of bibs. I made some for January baby and for Reuben, and then I cranked out a few more for some friends who are expecting. They were fun stash busting projects, using up the leftover billow cotton yarn I own and utilizing my own handmade pattern, Bulky Bibs.

I like how they turned out, and even through you can't see it at all in these pictures, I added really cute buttons to the backs that make me happy.

Yay for more drool catchers! We sure need them around here!
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