Friday, May 31, 2013

Who I am

I was thinking of this post last night, trying to think of how to put it into words. When something seriously bothers you, it can be hard to talk about it without coming across as an angry zealot.

What I'm talking about is the mean, abusive comments I'm seeing on mine and other's blogs. Why is this happening? Why do random people act in such a presumptuous way? 
I'm here to say: you should never bash someone on their own personal web site. There is a definite line between leaving your opinion, filled with thoughts from your own experiences and drawn from your expertise in a particular subject and from all out bashing and name calling and telling someone they are stupid or wrong or evil.

I've read blog posts that I've disagreed with--and I've read blog posts where I thought I disagreed, but later found out I was misinterpreting their words. Usually, I send these people an e-mail where I politely explain my ideas, or my outlook on their subject. If I disagree I never leave a comment stating that on their blog.
I use the "E-mail System" for several reasons.

  • The person whose blog I'm reading (and disagreeing with) is a person. They have thoughts and feelings and I know they probably put a lot of time and effort into their blog post. I think it is very  disrespectful of me to bash them "publicly" on their blog. 
  • I've found, sometimes, that what I think someone is saying is not what they are saying. Sending them an e-mail is the best way to find out the exact point they are trying to make. For example, I recently read a blog post by a individual who lives a gay lifestyle. He was really upset over an interaction between him and a christian coworker. His blog post came across to me that he was saying  "All Christians are evil and hate gay people". So I sent him an e-mail apologizing to him, telling him that I am a Christian and I don't hate him, and explaining to him that not all of those who profess to be Christian hate gay people. Well, he really respected my e-mail, and in short he replayed that his post was mostly about "I had a bad experience with one person who professed to be a christian and am blogging about it for personal, awareness and/or marketing reasons". If I just left a scathing comment on his blog about how I am a christian and I know what is what, then I'm just making myself look like an arrogant prick and I am not showing tact toward him. 
  • Leaving a mean blog comment is just, well, mean. The blog you are reading is not your blog. How dare you tell someone that their experience or life choice is wrong? I understand speaking from your own repertoire and encouraging someone in a loving way. But bashing them? On their own blog? I can't understand why anyone would do this.
I'm sure all of you have dealt with this in one way or another. I just wish the people who are leaving these types of comments would do so un-anonymously so that I could talk to them. And ask them why. Or explain why what they said is not what I was trying to imply. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The 6 Month Funk

I'm going to talk about something I'd like to call "The 6 Month Funk". No, I'm not taking about the green growth in your shoes after you wear them consecutively for two semesters. I'm taking about marriage.
at our engagement photo-shoot
Before I start, I'd like to say that I'm sure non-married people could go though this as well, but as I am married, I don't want to talk about something I don't have experience with. Every relationship is different and every couple makes decisions based on what they want and their unique perspective--all I can do is tell you my thoughts on the subject.

So, you guys must know that I love being married. I am very dedicated to my husband, and we have a ton of fun together, goofing off and having adventures. However, around month six in our new life together I noticed that both he and I seemed...relatively unsure how to progress.

He would come home. I would look forward to his homecoming. But when he got here, I would suddenly be at loss of what to do. Eat dinner? We do that daily. Then the night turned into a staring contest where we both looked at each other in mild amusement, wondering what to do next. Usually the evening ended with both of us sitting next to each other, looking at our iPhones. Later I would  feel guilty that we didn't do something meaningful together.

After several weeks passed repeating the above scenario, Mr. Adventure and I both noticed our sudden apparent lack of spontaneity--but we really didn't know what to do about it. Was something wrong? The proverbial checklist was consulted. No, we never fight. We weren't mad at each other, and besides an occasional "why did you short the TP in the bathroom" conversations, everything was fine. Was this just real life starting? Had we already run out of things to do together?

It came down to two revelations. One, we both realized we may have been trying to spend to much time together. Every second of the evening should not be dedicated to entertaining ones spouse. It is okay for him to go and play a video game after work and for me to sew, or do the dishes. We don't have to do something together. In fact, doing things apart, while in the same house, can be comforting and fun! Many evenings we are in the same room, yet working hard at different tasks, enjoying a particular hobby individually. This is nothing to feel guilty about.

The second revelation has to do with placement. We were spending to much time at home. We both needed to get out and date! So, every week we try to get out of the house and have fun. Mini golf? Swimming? Yes! Park treks and even coffee dates help get us out of our comfort zone and into new surroundings together!

What about you? Have you experienced the "6 month funk" in your relationship? What did you do?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I decided to return to my natural color. But it's going to take awhile! For starters, I removed about two feet of  hair...
I love my short locks! I think this is the shortest my hair has been since grade school...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Booth

craft fair table display
I was really nervous about organizing my items for sale at the craft fair--but I think, for my first time, I did a good job. It was fun to see all my handmade hats, scarfs, bows, and tie dye displayed all together. I realized that my products really resemble each other--I have a very woodland bohemian style and it comes out in my shop.
I tie-dyed a bed sheet to use as a tablecloth. You may recognize this as the dress I posted yesterday, hah! I then tried to display my items in a colorful, yet understandable manner. I also attempted to use tiers, and stagger some things higher then others to make them pop.
handmade items at a craft fair
I used my dress mannequin to showcase some handmade clothing, and my earring tree to hold my bracelets and bows. My mom bought me this clothing stand from home to hold my tie dyed appeal and my purses!
selling tie dye at market
I also wore this dress, that I reversed dyed, and of course my kitty hat! I think it is important to show that you love what you sale. By actually wearing items that you made, you can communicate to your customer your fierce loyalty and devotion to your creative line.
handmade booth
Have you ever sold at a craft fair? How did you design your wares for display?

Monday, May 27, 2013


I handmade another dress. This was supposed to be for me it turned out larger then I wanted. So I'll probably sale it in my shop! I love the pink.
 Of course I had to wear it with a kitty hat. My hat goes with everything :)
Since my husband was at work, I took my dress out for coffee at the Muse, and to the grocery store! I am learning so much making dresses for you guys, seriously! The winner of last weeks giveaway was Deanna. The giveaway is going to be on hold for awhile--I need to get caught up on making/mailing dresses.
My husband actually had memorial weekend off. We spent it together and had a great vacation! Its been six months since we've spent good, long quality time in each others presence, since he works so much. I enjoyed myself immensely and I love my man more every passing day.
I also mailed out my first giveaway dress last week. I hope she likes it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cara Box

Cara Box
This month my Cara Box partner was Ashely! The theme was "local"--send your friend a package detailing the state or city where you live. I mailed her a box of goodies that you can check out on her blog!
Heather from My Little HEA was my other partner! She lives in FL and sent me a wonderful box full of beach, sun, and fun! I love the flip flops. Every spring I buy a new pair of flip flops and wear them out. I have not purchased mine for this year yet--and I adore the teal color! They will go with everything!

My husband saw the freeze dried ice cream and went ballistic. Apparently he loves freeze dried ice cream? Hah! He ate it and then chased me around the house trying to make me try it. I like my ice cream non freeze dried, thank you :P
My next favorite thing was the vegan lip balm and the travel sized sun screen! I stuck both in my purse for when the moment calls!  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The story of the Bird

One day I was sewing. I had music playing and was making a dress. Suddenly I heard a thump. And then a noise that sounded like someone was trying to break into my house.

I froze. My sewing machine clicked to a stop.

Another thump. Some scratching. The frantic chitterlings of a bird. Who was stuck in our wood stove?

Then my husband helped him (her?) escape! Yay.

And I filmed it.

Also, if you think I sound weird...I also think I sound weird. Do I really sound like that? O.o

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I am thoroughly enjoying spring.
Some time this month (or next?) I need to get my hair cut. I love how long it is, but sadly my ends are dead hair is two colors. I dyed it with henna about a year ago and I've decided not to re-dye it. I really liked being a red head (for four years) but I'm ready to go back to my natural color now. I  want to grow it long again, but the two-tone colors looks rather odd now. Time to start anew!
I wore this little red dress when Mr. Adventure took me out for our 6 month anniversary! It was fun to surprise him with this flirty number. You can't see, but the back is open. :) I had to wear a strapless bra, and I was reminded of how much I hate those things.  
my hair is so long you can't see the back, tee hee
How did you spend your day today?

Monday, May 20, 2013

What it means to be a Hippie

What does it mean to be a hippie these days? I get a lot of mixed responses when I tell people that I am a hippie. From "you do drugs?" to "I thought hippies don't wear bras?" and everywhere in between. Even had someone tell me "Christians can't be hippies!"
So, I want to talk about what being a hippie means in 2013. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this, and I want to set the record straight.
Being a hippie does not mean the same thing as it did in 1962. Arguably, a person who does drugs may live a hippie lifestyle, but doing drugs is not one of the qualifications to being a hippie. (I think druggies are called a "stoners" now, or "smack heads" or, as I like to call them "idiots". Note: I don't do drugs, and I never have. Not my thing.)

So what is a hippie? From my perspective, a hippie identifies with three or more categories on the following list:
  • Affinity for dressing in a bohemian manner. Might wear only organic clothes.
  • Choosing to eat a diet of organic foods, or mostly organic. Can be dairy free, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian, or just consume naturally grown food only.
  • Makes tactful decisions about how they use resources. Tries to buy products that can be recycled and make Earth-friendly decisions about their waste.
  • Usually wears organic makeup, free of chemicals, or does not wear makeup at all. Same for hair. Does not use chemical dyes.  
  • Likes to go barefoot.
  • Loves nature. Truly loves nature. Not the I-don't-want-to-get-muddy or dirty or I-only-like-cultivated-nature--but just nature. Respects that nature can be dangerous, but beautiful.  I'm not talking about socialists, I'm talking about a respect for nature that realizes we can't live without it, and understands that its okay cut down trees sometimes, and to plant them in other times. Nature and mans interaction with it is like a seesaw--there is a balance. This can be a hot topic, because everyone has a really strong view on it. Especially hippies. 
  • Love to grow their own food. 
  • Usually listens to bluegrass or folk music.  
  • Accepts others for who they are. Can be friends with people of different ideals, different backgrounds.
  • Usually home schools.
  • Loves to DIY. Makes their own clothes, diapers, toys, carpets...likes to dabble in making anything.  
  • Is very charitable through their lifestyle. Does not see the attainment of possessions as a life goal.
If you only identify with one of the above, you are something different. If you dress only in hippie clothes, you are a bohemian. If you only eat organic food, you are a Foodie. If you always recycle, you are an environmentalist, and so forth.

Last but not least, a hippie is not to be confused with a hipster. A hipster wears skinny jeans, has an iphone, usually is up to date on all the latest technologies (where a hippie likes to "take it back to the source") A hipster usually listens to indie rock, and wears thick glasses. They can be termed an "Urban bohemian" of sorts.

For example, a hipster right now would probably wear geometric earrings, skinny jeans, a hat, sneakers, and a peter pan collared shirt. They would have an iphone with a matching geometric cover and would go to a coffee shop and discuss the meaning of life with friends and strangers while simultaneously updating their facebook status and tagging their location on foursquare.

A hippie on the other hand, would probably wear a flowing skirt with a lace top, have their long hair down their back, and would go to a coffee shop and read a book, knit, and smile across the room at someone. I've found hippies to be less outgoing, more introverted then hipsters. Many are not as prevalent users of facebook and other social media devices. 
Hippies sometimes wear tie dye?
Anyway, the lines can be blurred a little from person to person. These aren't strict guidelines, but more of a loose definition of what is to call yourself a hippie in 2013. Feel free to let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any thoughts on the subject!

A blog I read regularly, ModaMama, also talks about what it means to be a hippie mom here :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tie Dye Fail

So, you remember that giveaway I did last week? Well, the winner asked for a dress dyed purple! But for some reason, the cotton that I used was too thin, and the whole dress turned purple. Not dyed, just purple.
So I tried to dye it again, thinking that something was wrong with me. It turned a deeper shade of purple. And the lace turned a different color. Yay? So not what I wanted to happen...

Then I did what every artist probably does in moments like this: I pouted. And whined. And ate hummus. Then I played a video game for four hours. In my underwear.

After my tantrum, I feel better and am going to tackle the dress again! *I really hope it works this time* I think it was the thinness of the cotton, but I don't know. (Any ideas, you guys??)

Oh, and this weeks winner is Kathleen! I've already e-mailed you, Kathleen, and I can't wait to create a dress for you! I'm going to use thick cotton so there are no more tie dye mistakes. Well, my husband told me the purple color is really pretty, so I will probably sale these in my shop, since they are fine. Just not tie dyed.

For this week, I'm going to do something different for the giveaway. To enter, leave an encouraging comment below this post, and on Monday the 20th (yes, only one day) I'll pick a winner randomly! Please leave your e-mail too :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tea Dress Refashion

So, another refashion! I found this gorgeous floral print dress at Goodwill and I just couldn't say no. Problem? The dress was a size 6, and didn't fit me, and it also was that awkward-I'm-a-grandmother-mid-calf-length.
I wanted something shorter and cuter, and also something that fit me in the hips! (I am size 6/8 for upper body, and size 10/12 for lower: Pear shapes represent!)
I cut the dress into three pieces. The middle piece I discarded (due to it not fitting my hips) I then used the bottom piece as the skirt, gathering the back to make it fit flush with the bodice. I sewed it on using a zigzag stitch, because this garment is made of knit material.
Now I have a cute mini dress! But it still needed some pizzaz! I decided to add a triangle cutout to the back. All I did was cut out a triangle from lace and pin it to the dress, sew around, and then remove the material behind the triangle. I'm sure this isn't the "by the book" way you are supposed to do this, but it worked for me.
Last, I added a pretty collar to make the dress pop!
I can't wait to wear my new tea dress! I found that I love refashioning things. You get a whole new outfit with minimal work (less then creating something new totally from scratch). Have you refashioned anything lately?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Six Months

Today is my six month anniversary with Mr. Adventure! Time has flown by!
Since our marriage, we have grown closer together and closer to God. I can't wait to see what the next six months bring! I love this man more every day, and can say with absolutely certainty that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every day I thank God for him.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Handmade Dress

A few weeks ago I came across these adorable kid curtains in Goodwill. They had animal prints across them--and I immediately envisioned a printed tea dress.
I modified my chevron dress pattern to make this. Instead of a pleated skirt, I gathered it. And I changed the top to a v neck shape. 
The only thing I wish this dress had was some cute hidden pockets! Alas, I don't know how to make pockets yet. I looked up a tutorial and it seems fairly straightforward, but I have not attempted it yet. I paired this dress with a cardigan and my kitty hat later that evening for a work-related picnic with my husband! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for Selling Items at a Crafts Fair

Last week I attended my first craft fair! Yes, and I was scared! I've visited a lot of fairs in the past, as a shopper, but this was my first time being a vender. The bazaar I was a part of turned out to be really small (lots of vendors, not many shoppers) but it was very fun. My goal was just to make back what I paid this first time. I actually made a little more then my goal, and I even won a prize at the fair!
Before you go:
  1. Know the demographic that will be attending. (I didn't think about this, but my mom mentioned) She saw that many of the vendors had "older women" type things for sale. She said my demographic is teenagers or young adults--and I need to be aware of that when I go places. 
  2. Know your numbers. For example, my booth was 11x11 feet. The table provided was one 8' table with two chairs. I need to know these numbers when planning my display. 
  3. Have a sign. I water-colored my own sign.
  4. Have an eye catching display. I plan on hanging my small items on a wire tree, and my clothing items from a rope, and everything else on a table. I plan on bringing a second table.
  5. Have a range of prices to interest each customer. My prices range from $10-$60.
  6. Have $100 in change. 40-$1's, 4-$5's, 2-$10's, 1-$20. All my prices are single digits, so I don't have to worry about nickels, dimes or pennies. 
  7. Offer something for free. I plan on having a knitting lesson sign up sheet, and bubbles for kiddies to pick up! 
At the Event:
  1. I didn't think about how many other crafters I would meet. I actually made a few acquaintances and perhaps started some new friendships. Many of those who had booths were from my area! This is a great opportunity to meet other crafters and make friends. I met Vicki and her daughter and another knitter, (I can't find her shop, sadly!) who I invited to the knit group I attend on Fridays.
  2. I didn't buy anything, but my mom did! She bought me an amazing "fairytale" scarf from one vender, and some rooster towels for my grandmother. 
  3. I won a book necklace from Vicki's booth. This made my day. I have always wanted a book necklace! I'm wearing it right now and will be doing a photo-shoot with it next week :) 
Anyway, this was my first experience with selling my items at a fair. Would I do it again? Maybe. I'm not sure. If you have any vendor tips, please let me know! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Skirt Refashion

So, I have this really weird shirt that I bought some time at goodwill. It fails at fitting me, and has been in my "refashion" pile for awhile now. Today I decided to actually do something with it!
cut off the bottom 
Remove the Zipper
  • I had to remove the piece of side zipper that was still attached. It went up further on the shirt so when I removed the bottom to make a skirt, I had to cut it in half.
Add a Side Zipper
  • I added a working zipper for the skirt. and cut off the extra fabric at the top.
Have you refashioned anything lately?