Monday, January 1, 2024

A New Year

This blog has come a long way since 2010 when I was twenty-something and desperately trying to get into art. The years have gone by since then, and they have been very kind to me. After art, I have blogged through a really hard break up in 2012, meeting my husband, and our marriage. Our struggles with infertility, my foray into YouTube and knitting and crochet consuming my life... the birth of Reuben in 2015 and Becky in 2018. Covid. Homeschooling. Chronic Illness and depression, anxiety and healing (emotionally and physically) and Motherhood, Christianity and dealing with lifelong chronic illness...and now, surprise babies named Esther who are amazing. 

This year I turn 37. I will be 40 in three years! It doesn't seem that crazy anymore. 

Do I have any new year resolutions? Well, I would like to deal with my stress and enjoy this year. Even with a baby, a 6 year old and a 9 year old.  It's possible, right? Who right now are 8 months, 5 years and 8 years but all have birthdays next year. Big milestone birthdays! Esther will be ONE! Crazy to think, this time last year I was four-ish months pregnant and miserable with morning sickness--the idea of having a new baby a dim uncertain cloud hovering in my future. Now she is here, adorable and crawling everywhere (a day before Christmas she started that) and next May she will turn 1. God is good. And Becky will be six in just 23 days. A first grader this August. Reuben will be 9 in July and his last year as a single digit! They are all amazing and I am grateful to be their mamma. 

I have gained a lot of weight. I need to move my body and stop sitting around all the is hard in the winter. I am okay. Just fat. LOL.  It's true! But I try not to worry about it and just snuggle and baby, nurse, and enjoy life. I can lose the 30 pounds I gained later...maybe next year. Maybe not. 

I want to have a better quiet time with the Lord and enjoy my family. Those are my resolutions, because I really do have the best family. And I am grateful for each and every one of them... I am glad I got to spend 11 years of my life with Brian, 8 so far with Reuben, 5 with Becky, and an amazing 8 months with Esther Rose. 

Here is to 2024 and God's plans, not mine. Love you all.