Tuesday, July 16, 2019

a good book becomes part of you

Why do people read books? Some may say for the stories—and that is partially true. But one reason I read books is for the ending. Or rather, the moments after the ending, where the whole of the book—characters, plot, storyline and prose-- can be contemplated and digested at once. When the whole story is told and all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and I sit back and let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. Suddenly I remember the cold tea that's sitting next to me that I forgot to drink because I couldn't stop reading. And just like that, as I set the volume aside. Quite a small thing, are books, and made of such fragile paper. Yet they move mountains and churn the sluggish coggs of my mind.

I realize where I am and the shock of being back inside my own body makes me unable to speak for a few seconds. 

That is finishing a good book. That is beauty and mystery come full circle. That is reading.

There is something otherworldly about the hour after the last page is turned. Everything is different. I am not the same person I was when I started the book. The world is not the same world. Of course, this depends on the book. Some books do not satisfy—where as other are like jewels in the sun and lifeblood to my veins.

Today I finished The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and the writing was suburb. She really understands people; the depths of human relations and the lenses through which an individual views the world. Not only does she understand but she can beautifully relate it to the reader with a skillful, fluid prose that is akin to what I must do when I breathe in and out. Except she does it with a pen.

I will say that not all her books have made me feel. I hated two of the four of hers I've read. But of the two I loved, I have loved them with a passion unequal. They are literary masterpieces .

After I have read a particularly good book I feel satisfied. I feel complete. Centered.

After I've finished a novel of particular wonder I always need a break of 2-3 days to just mourn and celebrate. I'm mourning that the world is closed to me. There is no more I can learn about the characters and places I have come to adore. There might not be closure.

But I also celebrate as I internalize the ideas, concepts and “breath” of whatever novel I've finished.

A good book should leave you with that out of air quality, like the way an invigorating swim in the moonlight with your lover lingers with you long after the honeymoon is over.

A good book becomes part of you.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Charlotte Mason Preschool Printables

We are doing a low key Charlotte Mason preschool with Reuben this fall. I plan on making a whole post about our goals and the things we will be focusing on, but for right now I am just creating some printables to use as I plan our weeks. You can download them by right clicking and saving to your computer or download the high resolution PDFs (mint green lesson plan here and leafy plan here).

Please feel free to donate $1 to me if you love it and want to see more!

Thursday, July 4, 2019


It has been AGES since I have painted. And I miss it. So this week I made sure to make time to watercolor and relax! Painting always reminds me of my grandmother who used to send me flowers doodled on notes in the mail.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Necklaces for Moms

I was contacted by Get Me a Necklace to write up a sponsored post for them. I have never done a sponsored post without actually receiving the product, but GMaN was more interested in bringing awareness to their website and jewelry and less about a review. So please note this is not a review but more my thoughts on their website so you can check it out.

I did receive $20 for this post and that is exciting, right? I get contacted by so many people to write up things and never get offered payment (so I politely decline) but this one was different!

Two things really stuck out to me on GMaN. One, they have picture charms. I really want one of our family pictures made to wear on a charm bracelet. Two, they have infinity necklaces, and I really want one of those as well. I would put my grandmother and grandfathers names on it. I'm named after my grandmother.

I love that they are very country inclusive. There is an option to change the currency at the top of their website, so you can order from Canada or China or wherever you live.

They also have cheap engraved bracelets, family necklaces, and bracelets in sterling silver. I know my highschool self would have really wanted some of the couples jewelry.That was all the rage back in the day. Now I'm married and we live together so I don't pine over Brian the way I did when we were dating. I mean, I still love him. Our love has grown so much...

Anyway, check out the jewelry if you are interested. I'm sure I'll never do another sponsored post again so don't hate me. I was just excited!! Finally, someone takes blogging seriously!

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