Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr. Adventure says

My husband, herein called Mr. Adventure, will thus entertain you with glimpses into the male mind. 
man on motorcycle
He calls it his baby. I call it the death machine. 
  • Upon Mr. Adventure's arrival home 
B: Hey.
Me: Mmm
B: Seriously, you had all day to play with your iphone. Hi would be nice?
Me: I'm looking up an article you have to read since you just got here.
B: Whats it about?
Me: Justin Bieber.
B: What do you DO all day?
(Note, the article was about the new "fair market" tax that is going around, I was just picking on poor Mr. Adventure)
  • The next morning 
Me: Hey, have you seen my iphone?
B: *looks sheepish*
Me: Uh, hello? Do you have my phone?
B: I hid it.
B: Yeah. instead of playing with it all day maybe you could wash the sheets?
  • Discussing why I've been irritable lately 
Me: I think I'm starting my period?
B: Why don't you just have a comma this time?
  • When out shopping with a friend, trying to find something she liked
B: She makes everything so hard.
Me: @_o
Me: Thats...
B: AHHHHHHHHHHHH *covers ears*
me: what she said...
couple snow kiss
Mr. Adventure with his two favorite things: Coffee and Wifey :P
  • When I was reading a book on the couch 
Me: Why are you pinching me?
B: I just wanted to see if you were real.
Me: Uh, shouldn't you have figured that out before we got married?
  • A few moments later
Me: You can stop pinching me now.
B: I haven't figured it out yet.

Want more of Mr. Adventure? There is a part one, two, three, and four, all here just for you :)


Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

The two of you are adorable. And its very rude to hide an iPhone

Cliffie said...

Tell Mr. Adventure that I love the period/comma joke!

Michelle said...

HAHAHA. These are AMAZING. "Maybe you can wash the sheets" is hilarious. And James and I gross each other out all the time with inappropriate that's what she said moments.