Wednesday, April 3, 2013


What wakes you up in the morning? Is it the call of the sea lark's song twinkling over the hills, pulling you from slumber? Or is it the screech of your alarm clock throbbing in your ears, reminding you of monday morning traffic and city lights? I'll take the tree, and the forests, and leave society to itself--at least the corporate side.  
All this to tell you that I lost my job. And I've never been happier. Yesterday, willing slave of 9-5. Today, freedom, ink, fabric, and the call of the sea.


Rachel said...

Hey, how exciting! A little earlier than you were planning on, I guess, but this really is exciting! I so don't want to be a 9-5 girl, either!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i'm glad you don't have to be a 9-5 gal! and now you have more time for your shop!

Anonymous said...

Excited for your new adventure!

Unknown said...

Hey Carolynn,
I couldn't reach out to you through Facebook but I wanted to let you know that I just went to pick up the package and oh my god! I love it! :D Thank you so so much!! ^-^
Thanks for the sweet message too, I loved the ananas, haha :)
Good luck on your new journey, I'm sure it'll be wonderful :)
Lucy (Loepsie)

Melissa said...

I graduate from college this year, and I am so not looking forward to the 9-5. I'm going to do everything I can to avoid it.

<3 Melissa

Unknown said...

Congratulations on losing your job? That feels weird to say, but I totally know where you're coming from! I have loathed many jobs in my past and when each of them ended I threw a party LOL Good luck finding what brings you happiness! Thank you for linking up with the Anything + Everything blog hop! I hope you'll come back next week :)

xo Tori

Unknown said...

i'm so encouraged by your outlook and attitude. blessings on your next adventure! - great pics and freedom in this outfit as well! thanks for linking up with dress for the day!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry but so happy for you at the same time! I think I would be somewhat excited too if that were me ;)