Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tales of a Car Accident

Two weeks ago, Mr. Adventure and I were siting happily at a red light, minding our own business, when suddenly I happened to glance behind us and see this blue car speeding down the turn lane...not stopping. He was NOT stopping!

I yelled "He's going to hit us" and then, he hit us. The next few moments are a blur--but the police showed up, we were all alive--they took names and everything.
his car.
It was his fault because, of course, he failed to stop and crashed into us as we were sitting waiting for a light to turn green. I had some terrible neck pain so I went to the emergency room to get checked out.

What I didn't know at the time of this wreck is that I was newly pregnant. I found out a few days later and both Brian and I were beyond ecstatic! I was worried that the car wreck could have hurt something, but at the hospital at the time of the accident had done a pregnancy test (because they wanted to take an X ray) and it had been negative.

It only took three days for a positive to show up! Female hormones must be amazing.

Fast forward a week or two. Sadly, I started bleeding. I was super scared! B and I went back to the emergency room and it turned out I was having a miscarriage. They said I was 3-4 weeks along, too soon to see anything, but they did a blood test to confirm.

This is sad news, but I know God is in control of my life and that I will submit to him in everything. Please pray for me and B. I know our little one is in the arms of God!
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