Monday, April 22, 2013

The Forgetful Librarian

a forgetful librarian
Once upon a time there was a very forgetful librarian. When her husband came home, dinner would be in the planning stages, etched out in some corner of her binder, the ingredients scattered around the cupboards. Of course, she would forget to add sugar. And who can blame her if she inadvertently neglected to buy salt? 
granny square sweater
On a good day, she could be found meandering in one of her neighbors gardens, poetry in hand, reciting sonnets to the ferns and the poises. 
cute hipster girl
boho librarian outfit
Yet her husband loved her, despite her faults. He saw her kind heart, as she fed the stray cats behind the  library while waiting for him to pick her up. Sometimes he would park around the corner, just to watch her. 

Of course, they lived happily ever after, with their three kids, two dogs, and even a rooster named Don Quixote.
Sweater: Kitty Adventures 
Skirt: Goodwill
Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift

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  1. hah! i loved your back story. i think it fits perfectly with your outfit today. :) you look so sweet. not like the mean librarian who would scowl at everyone from over her book.

  2. Girl, you have so much hair! Now your hair would be fun to practice all manner of fancy braids with....I hardly have any hair, but by choice. I do like my carefree (and comb-free) short hair!

  3. Hahaha. That totally sounds like that could be me in a few years! I want to be a librarian so bad! And I can get very wrapped up in my books and forget things sometimes....

  4. I love your outfit today! It's vintage-fabulous-amazing-feminine-awesomeness. :)

  5. This outfit is truly off the charts fantastic! I love it. And your writing.

  6. What a cute bow and skirt! You're so darling!

  7. I love this outfit! The sweater is adorable!

  8. Love this sweater and also every time I see your hair I am always like why did I do two whole donations when I donated my hair last year. Mine needs to be that long again.

  9. Your hair is AWESOME. My hair is long, but thin, so I wouldn't have enough to pile up in the same way. It looks fantastic, like a character from a children's book! (Meant as a compliment.)


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