Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to Pick Up Stitches When Knitting

I remember the first time I tried to pick up stitches when knitting. It was an absolute fail. I was left with a bulky seam that showed from both sides and lumps in places. Sadly, I couldn't find many tutorials on picking up stitches and the ones I did find were still obscure. I struggled. I started to shy away from patterns that required you to pick up stitches.

But then I decided to find a way to do it myself and make my own tutorial. I have no idea if this is the "right" or "correct" way to pick up stitches but it works for me, creates a great seam and isn't difficult. I use this all the time and am no longer afraid of working with patterns that bind off and pick up stitches. I hope this helps anyone else who is also struggling!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Week 111

The week I did an infertility photo shoot with KJ Photography! It was sobering to meet other loss mothers, but a very healing experience all around. Honestly, it was the highlight of my week even if I was nervous! I love remembering my miscarriages and creating special memories around them, for them.

Two years ago.
One year ago.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Crochet Legwarmers

It gets cold in my house in the winter. Usually I bundle up, layering leggings under pants and wearing big sweaters. However, all of my pants are too small because...growing a human. So I decided to make myself some nice warm wool legwarmers! I just made up this pattern and I love it. They are super fun, full of texture, and very warm.

I used a 4.5mm crochet hook and 200 yards of worsted weight yarn for each legwarmer (so a total of 400 yards). I love them!

 What is your favorite way to keep warm in the winter?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Laundry Room Space Saving Hacks

We have an absolutely tiny laundry room. I mean, I wouldn't even call it a room--its actually a closet. In our bathroom. But that space holds a washer, a dryer, two bins for sorting dirty laundry, all our towels and washcloths, a drying wrack for cloth diapers and even our water heater. How do I make it all happen? By using every inch of space I can!

Here is the run down on our tiny laundry room space saving hacks. Hope you like it!

What is your laundry room like?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Week 110

This was a hard week for many reasons. We started out with two of us sick--and one of us not. Guess who? I knit a lot too. But the end of the week was amazing, because I found out what we are having! Yes, I know the gender now. And so can you if you watch our last video!

Two Years Ago
One Year Ago

Friday, November 17, 2017

Lots of Bibs

Recently I have been crocheting a lot of bibs. I made some for January baby and for Reuben, and then I cranked out a few more for some friends who are expecting. They were fun stash busting projects, using up the leftover billow cotton yarn I own and utilizing my own handmade pattern, Bulky Bibs.

I like how they turned out, and even through you can't see it at all in these pictures, I added really cute buttons to the backs that make me happy.

Yay for more drool catchers! We sure need them around here!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Yarny Tour of my Home

I have a lot of yarn. Even as a self declared minimalist (I'm not a minimalist for social justice reasons, but for mom survival reasons) I own a lot of yarn. Yarn is my hobby. Yarn makes me happy. I can always find a reason to buy more yarn. I will use it all (that's what I tell myself) and if not, I can always look at it when I need a reason to smile. Like when my adorable toddler is climbing the walls and my husband is working late.

Anyway, here are two videos: one showing how I store my working yarn downstairs where I do all of my knitting, and another showing how I store my yarn long term for future projects. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week 109

This is the week of that horrible shooting in Las Vegas. I am still praying for the victims and families, and the surrounding community. Violence always shocks me. Reuben being cute and innocent was a nice distraction from the news and filled my heart with joy even in the middle of all the sorrow.

One Year Ago
Two Years Ago

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pullover for Danny

I thought my friend Missy would love a pullover for her son Danny who is only a few months older than Reuben (you can see Reuben's here). I knit his in a dark green, and I hope she loves it! This pattern is from Ravelry, and is called the Odila Cape Pullover. Like the one I knit for my son, I made hers with k2,p2 ribbing because I liked it better, as well as adding the same back decrease. Both of these sweaters were knit in knit picks wool of the andes bulky yarn.

The color is closest to the last picture, my camera is not that great. It's a really dark forest green.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Baby #2 is a....

I had a lot of anxiety over the gender of this baby. I knew what I wanted, but not what I was going to have. My husband also really wanted a boy but I really wanted a girl. I know in the long run it does not matter, but gender disappointment is a real thing...and I struggled!

So what did I end up with? If you don't already know (from watching my vlogs) you can find out below!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 108

So this week put me in full nesting mode. I filmed every day and decluttered a lot getting ready for baby M. I also felt stressed this week. I'm not sure it comes across in the vlogs, but we are just past the halfway point and there is so much I feel that needs to be done before this new tiny human arrives!

Two Years Ago
One Year Ago

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sweater for H

I finally finished my first sweater for Christmas 2017! This is for my two year old niece--and the one for my 6 year old niece will match her sisters. I hope they like them.

Pattern is Petite Polished. I made the 62 inch size, and the only modification I did was change the collar. I hate picking up stitches, so I crochet the collar. I like it--I mean, it's not perfect. But it works. I also used knit picks DK cotlin yarn so that my sister could wash it without any special instructions.

I did try it on her, and it does fit. Can't wait to see them both wearing the pink sweater after I finish the other one!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

My Maternity Capsule Wardobe

I love clothes. I am not one to usually do a capsule wardrobe; but for pregnancy it made perfect sense. I am only huge enough to wear maternity clothes for the second and third trimesters, so why buy a bunch of things I won't use much after? I do wear a bit of it postpartum, but that is a little different. I am due in January, so this is very much a fall and winter centered capsule. About half of it is left over from Reuben's pregnancy and a few pieces are not maternity, but loose enough to wear.

I love the ease a capsule wardrobe gives me as a busy mom. That, and the short term wear factor are really my only two reasons to chose a capsule wardrobe for my maternity season. Enjoy the video!