Thursday, April 18, 2013

My House: A Tour

Since Rachel posed about her Anti-Pinterest house I thought I would show pictures of my home today.

My home is an A frame. My husband bought it about 5 years ago, ages before he met me. I love it! This picture was taken standing from our loft room, where my sewing space and closet are located.

I water-colored those pictures for our home
I've decorated a bit since I moved in. Mr. Adventure works 50-60 hours a week and has not had time to add personal touches to our abode. Since he lived alone I don't think he spent too much time worrying about where to put tea cups and pops of color and that sort of thing.

where we sit when we want to snuggle
I used to really worry about my house and browse pinterest and feel like a wife failure, but not anymore. I adore my home and think it is perfect just the way it is! I don't need to spend 2000+ dollars on decor that will just sit there. Instead I desire to be frugal with my home. I want to decorate not to show off my house but to show my own (and my husbands) personality and, of course, to create a comfortable environment. I don't need a shopping spree at Ikea to accomplish this. Take, for example, that lovely green blanket on my couch. It's handmade, and I got it from goodwill for about 2.50. It's one of my favorite things in my house.

this is where I spend most of my time. See the large pile of random
knitting/sewing/papery things? Yup.
this is my husband's nook. He puts his socks on here in the morning :)
God has taught me to be patient with my home and not to stress over how it looks. It's a house, and has useful purposes: it's only temporary and could be taken away at any time.

I love my big kitchen! 
But I think you (dear reader) will find my bedroom story slightly funny.

down the hallway to the bedroom....
Okay, so here is the tale of our bedroom. Our house is freezing in winter. I mean, like it won't heat up to more then 58 degrees. Its so drafty. Well, my husband was tired of the cold (and if he is cold, then I'm an ice-sickle) and decided to build a box around his bed (this was several years before he met me) Then he put one of those little walmart heaters inside the box and covered the sides with two blankets and mounted a flat screen TV in there (did you notice we don't have a TV in our living room? Yup. Its in our bedroom.)

now that I think about it, those cords look like a fire hazard waiting
to happen
this is what's inside :)
And yes, I really do sleep in there. Hah.


aramanthe said...

Coming from someone who works nights and can never get a room dark enough for day sleeping, YOUR BEDROOM IS AWESOME. That looks like such a wonderful little cuddlebox! When I was in middle school I had the fortune to get the room in my family's house that wasn't completely finished by the previous owners, so it didn't have any windows, and the only space not occupied by my bed was about a one-foot-wide walkway down one side and then at the foot of it. I miss that room so much!!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your kitchen!

and that's a nice little bed love nest you have. :)

Rachel said...

oh man, that's quite the bedroom you have. I must admit, I've never seen anything like that! And I like your brick (former?) fireplace. I love red brick!

Paul S.V.II said...

What is this, a time machine?! o__o

Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

I love your little box you sleep in. It is quite genius. Also I want that green blanket!!

Samara said...

Oh my, I have no words...that's hilarious :P I can't believe you let him keep it- I would find it so frustrating trying to make the bed...although it would also be like having a sleep over every night :P I love your husband's creativity :P

Michelle said...

Your kitchen is amazing!! And I love your take on decorating. Mine is exactly the same :) I love fun, quirky things that show our personality.

I'm CRACKING UP over the box around the bed. My husband would totally do the same thing.