Thursday, February 28, 2013


Want to run away from myself
Like water in a drain
Down-drift to depths disquiet
A listless feather caught in the wind

--where I’ll be unremembered in perfect clarity
Like a laugh for its hollow excuse
Or my own empty body
a personhood without purpose

don’t have any more thoughts for my smoldering hand
its tasteless
like the touch of a child
who calls forests castles and castles prisons  

only know time
The lapse and eve and ebb
Folding in upon itself
Forever following unmeasured
The tick impenetrable 
Drifting away like fog

Been awhile since I posted any writing on my blog. This piece is titled "What am I". Do you know what I am? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cara box!

I received my wonderful Cara box yesterday! My partner was Jasmyne and she is amazing!

I told her my dream date with my husband was a bored game and coffee! She provided a word game (I'm an English major so Mr. Adventure is toast)
I didn't get a picture of the coffee because my husband and I have been enjoying it :)

My partner was Erica. Head on over to her blog to check out what I sent her!

Fashion Post

This is what I wore to church last Sunday. I love my vintage skirt, it's so soft and velvety--a literal dream to wear.
The weather on Sunday was ever so nice and I didn't even need a coat! Yes, exciting! Spring is coming. My closet (and myself) are so ready.
My favorite part of the outfit? That would my polka dot tights. Yes, gold polka dot tights. I need more polka dots in my life.
I'm wearing the same shirt from this outfit post, did you notice? I have favorites, okay! :P
Shirt: Forever 21
Tights: Kohl's
Everything else: Thrifty goodness!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How we Handle Contraceptives

I've been reading a lot of contraceptive posts lately so I thought I would address the subject myself!

*Please keep in mind that I'm not a doctor. All I can do is give my own thoughts on my own experiences with contraceptives. Its up to you to make your own decision, about what you would like to put/not put in your own body. I'm not here to tell you what to do or make you feel guilty over something you have/haven't done :)
I've tried a few types of contraceptives, and to be honest, I've ended up hating all of them.

First I tried the pill. It made my feel nauseous for about two weeks, and after that it seemed fine. But then my ankles started swelling. And I started getting spider veins. My doctor told me that I have circulation problems in my legs and that the pill aggravates (as in, makes worse) this issue. He said I should not take the pill if I have this medical condition. It does say this on the bottle, but I had no idea I was predisposed to this before taking it.

So then I looked into the IUD. Please don't think I am judging you with what I am about to say. My doctor said that the IUD can sometimes cause a sperm and egg that have already met and formed a zygote to not adhere to the wall of my uterus. As in, the joined sperm and egg will be flushed out of my body with my period. Because of what I believe about life, and when life begins, I could not morally use this kind of contraceptive. If you use this, I am not trying to judge you. This was just my decision based off what my doctor told me.
So, before Mr. Adventure and I married, we discussed my previous experiences with birth control. Yes, I realize this means I tried birth control before I got married. Thats a whole other topic, and involves my salvation story. Maybe one day I'll tell it. I told him under no circumstances would I take the pill because of how sick it made me previously. We decided we would use condoms and spermicide. To make a long story short, my husband dislikes condoms. So we just started using the spermicide. Turns out, the spermicide not only attacked me (not really the correct medical term for what happened) causing me a lot pain and discomfort; but it also contributed to helping me catch a nasty urinary track infection. I tried to cure the UTI twice with antibiotics before realizing that the spermicide was causing it. So this month I'm on my third round of antibiotics sans the spermicide. Hope it works, because I'm seriously tired of having a UTI.

This month we aren't using any contraceptives. Perhaps next month I will be announcing my pregnancy? Probably. 

After I get rid of this UTI, I don't plan on trying to use any more contraceptives. I told my husband that when he is tired of me having babies he can go to the doctor and do whatever it is men do to themselves when they want to stop knocking up their wives. Mr. Adventure said that he would never ever let someone with a knife near his manly parts--but I'm sure if I end up having six kids in the next six years, he might change his mind.
now add six kids to this picture
This is the decision we made together after a lot of discussion and after visiting the doctor. I came to understand that when it came down to it, for me, the main reason I wanted to take birth control is because having a baby right now just doesn't sound like a lot of fun. It would inconvenience the way I want to live my life. Mr. Adventure and I are financially stable and 100% able to have kids--I just don't like the idea of it right now for purely selfish reasons. Once I realized that, it was easy enough to forgo the birth control and to give my selfish reasons up to God.

Maybe we will have kids, maybe we can't. I'm sure I'll find out soon :)

What about you? What kinds of birth control have you tried, and what have you found to work the best? Do you use birth control?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mr. Adventure Says...

Welcome to part two in my Mr. Adventure series: where I chronicle the absurd and outrageous things my dear, wonderful sweet husband says :P
does anyone else's husband try to maim themselves on a regular basis by
competing with nature, or is it just mine? 
While laying in bed, studying the husband 
Me: You have really long eyelashes dear! I love them.
B: Yeah, I keep them around just in case I ever want to be a girl
Me: o_o

Explaining to Mr. Adventure why I have been slightly off lately
Me: I'm going to start my period this week.
B: Menopause time?
Me: No, I'm having PMS. Menopause is when you are older--like 50--you don't have a period and you stop making girly hormones.
B: Oh, I thought that was when you pause and don't like men anymore?
Me: *facepalm*
Laying in bed and trying to sleep
Me: Stop petting me.
B: But I've always wanted my very own wife I could pet!
Me: -_-
Husband: wheee! Me: O_O
Yesterday, in the kitchen 
Me: what are you doing?
B: *jumps*
Me: O_O
B: defensively I'm hungry!
Me: You have your fingers in the Nutella jar!!
B: pouting Uh, is that bad?
Me: Have you ever done this before?
B: Uh, um,
Me: *glares* Use a spoon!

While having a minor argument 
B: *rolls eyes at me*
Me: Did you just roll your eyes at me?
B: Um, no I was exercising my eyeballs.
Well, ladies, what has your significant other been saying lately? Tell me all the juicy details!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Blogs of Note

I read a lot of blogs. I think I'm actually addicted to reading blogs as much as I am to writing them. I've sorted my favorite blogs out for you by category because I realize people have different interests! Enjoy these blogs of note, they are all worth taking a look at.

  • The Random Writings of Rachel: Rachel is one of my favorite blogging friends. She shares weird fashion posts, strange and funny stories, and many random thoughts. I find myself giggling all the time reading her posts and I even read them to my husband. 
  • Delirious Rhapsody: She's funny, fashionable, and amazing. I love this women's "Gage says" posts (about the silly things her 5-year-old says) and she is honest and straightforward.   
  • Wifessionals: This girl blogs about marriage and life, as well as offers a ton of giveaways. The reason I read her is for her recipes, though!  I've made a few of them and they are a hit with both myself and the husband.
  • Across and Down a Little Bit: I really like Misty's blog. She writes about food and family also, but the thing I find myself most interested in from her is clothing posts! She combines many different prints and colors, and always gives me lots of fashion inspiration.
  •  Pop Champagne:This girls fashion and dating stories are hilarious. I don't dress like her, but I can still appreciate the way she completely rocks her fashion. She has a TON of followers yet she still takes the time to comment and follow back!
  • Elizabeth Ewing: This is another one of my good (real life) friends! I love her fashion but I mostly read her blog just to see what she is up to. Beth always goes on these wonderful adventures. She also photographed my wedding! 
Spiritual Matters
  • The Country Blossom: This girl tells real stories about homeschooling, homesteading, and taking care of her family, all rooted in God! 
  • Roses and Thorns: This is my best friends blog! She writes about random things and her thoughts on spiritual matters! 
Etsy Blogs

  • Oliver and Abraham's: This girl blogs about her farm animals and her etsy shop, that is just FULL of cuteness. One of my favs.
  • My Little Mustache: I love this ladies crochet hats! They are amazing and cute and I can tell she has the heart of a servant.  
Are there any blogs that you think I should read? What are your favorite blogs? Leave me a note and I promise I'll check it out! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. Adventure asks a Question

What's so complicated about females?
This is how the conversation usually starts. We can't be that hard to understand! At my query he tries not to laugh; because I'm hopelessly complex.

Women, we can be very confusing at times, can't we! Many times I've found myself in tears over some little thing or two--much to my husbands confusion. He tries to comfort me, but sometimes I cannot be soothed and this both bewilders and hurts him.

Another thing: I also love to shop sporadically; can we stop here? oh look! a little boutique! How cute! To which he usually responds, I can't think of anything we need, do you need anything? Of course I don't "need" anything. I merely wanted to look!  
Oh, the many difference in men and women, and the simple ways we love each other. 

I asked my husband last week what he found bewildering about women, or about me in general. I wanted to know what parts of my personality confuse him, what parts of my girlish nature he finds baffling, and what womanly idiosyncrasies I amuse him with. We both discussed making this a weekly blog post, so you guys can laugh along with us. Feel free to give him advice or to tell me I'm crazy. Because I am. Haha. 

Husband asks:

What is the correct response to "What do you think of my outfit"?

For the story behind this question, I'll let husband take over: 
Carolynn always asks me, before we go out, what  I think of her outfit. At first I thought it was a harmless question. The discourse usually goes something like this: 

Her: *Getting dressed*
Me: *in chair, waiting to go*
Her: *is dressed, getting purse/coat/items*
Me: *playing with phone*
Her: *pause in front of me* 
Me: Are you ready?
Her: *grins* yup!
Me: *stands up, gets keys*
Her: *after a pause*  What do you think of my outfit?
Me: *looks her over* You look fine.
Her: *look of disappointment crosses face*
Me: What did I say?
Her: What does fine mean?  
Me: ?????? Uh, you look great. 
Her: *look of sadness* 
Me: panic mode uh, you look really beautiful....
Her: *unsure smile* are you sure? should I change?
Me: wtf is going on uh, no, lets go eat, I'm hungry 
I noticed this happening a lot when we go places, so when she asked me what weird female things I've seen--this one takes the cake. I can't understand it at all! I've told her several times I love how she dresses, and she always looks amazing. 
We had a long talk about it, and I think we both understand better now. I want Mr. Adventure to notice me getting dressed and compliment me on my outfit before I have to ask. And I don't want him to use the word "fine" when describing my attire at all, because when I hear that word it sound negative to me! 

What do you guys think? Have you ever seen this happen in a conversation with a loved one? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitty Adventures

I love wearing my kitty hat with everything! I really think it adds not only a warm factor but also a lot of personality to my outfit.

This is what I wore the day before valentines, when I was running around getting everything ready for Mr. Husband and I's adventure. And boy did we have fun.

this picture cracks me up so hard. what am I doing??? -_o
Is there an item in your wardrobe that you just can't live without? I wouldn't trade my kitty hat for any gucci or prada outfit, that's for sure. And to think, this entire ensemble cost less then $20. Most everything that I'm wearing is thrifted. Except my pants. Those I got from NY&C. Oh, and my kitty hat, I purchased that from Etsy.

Happy Wednesday! What are you wearing today?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clothing Exchange [Shop My Closet]

I've seen these shop my closet things everywhere. Mine is a little different as I will allow you to exchange a piece of clothing/book/accessory/stuffed purple giraffe from your wardrobe for something from mine!
//How it works
  • E-mail me what item you would like me to mail you, along with your mailing address or PO box. First come, first serve! 
  • I will mail it out in 1-3 business days.
  • When you receive your package you must mail me something from your closet! I'll take shirts, size M-L, pants/skirts size L or 10/12, Fantasy books, or boho jewelry/gloves or scarves. The going rate is 1-1, one item for one item in return :)   
  • Items must be clean and in wearable condition.
Don't want to exchange? You can purchase anything I post here for 14$ (this includes shipping).
Target Feather Print Dress size XL
has hidden pockets
Forever 21 black and white Mini Skirt size 7
American Eagle Strapless Dress size Small
Yellow: Zara Collection Floral: Kimchi&Blue Brown: Target
All Size L 
Spotted 100% Silk top from Lafayette 148 NY size 12
Charlotte Ruse size Small green Top
Croft and Barrow cream shirt, size Small 
If interested, E-mail me!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny Things I Noticed this Week

Nat of 23seveteen introduced me to this site called Poshmark. You can sell your gently used clothing on there. I'm addicted. I haven't bought anything from there yet, but I am selling some things that I really don't wear anymore from my closet. Yeah, if you've seen my closet you know it needs a cleaning.

As I was browsing the skirts I noticed something funny.
poshmark funny fail
you had one job. ONE JOB
Clearly says size 8, to me. Maybe she is saying it fits like a 10? Oh well.

In other news, one of my blog posts on henna hair has been blowing up. And by blowing up, I mean, over 100 views to this article alone every day. I checked it out and it seems to be coming mostly from Russia. From Russian Google to be exact. So, I guess if you enter "henna hair" into Google in Russia, you get me. Hah.
Anyway, I found this to be quite silly. (I hope that is actually Russian. I'm not 100% sure) Have you ever had a blog post you've written receive a ton of hits for apparently random reasons?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I want to get to know you!

Hey guys! I want to get to know the people that read my blog. Really! Just leave a comment with your blog URL here and I'll follow you! Don't have a blog? I can follow you by twitter, etsy, or facebook :)
1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 
I hope you guys are having a wonderful amazing weekend. I know I did :) Husband and I went away for a little love and snuggles in a hotel...with a hot tub. I didn't take any pictures or do any was strictly us, and it was wonderful. How are you spending your weekend?

Friday, February 15, 2013

How we handle chores

As every couple must, both Mr. Adventure and I talked about who would be handling the household chores after we were married. This topic can be pretty controversial, so I'll start out by saying this is how B and I do things. Everyone divides tasks differently, and I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty or left out.

Our pre-marital counselor said that household chores are the number 2 thing couples argue about, after money. Each person has a different outlook on chores depending on how their parents did things and how they were raised. Even social norms can influence this decision (ex: "laundry is women's work, or "the man is supposed to take the trash out!")
how we handle chores: frying pan battle!
In order to find out how B and I felt about cleaning we both took a quiz that asked us what our top 5 most annoying chores are (mine were taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, folding socks, making the bed, and cleaning my car) his were (cleaning the toilet, doing the dishes, folding laundry, sweeping, and cooking). This quiz then had us make a list of chores that we felt we would be responsible for after marriage, as well as describe the things we felt our partner should do. I'm proud to say Mr. Adventure and I matched up pretty equally, give or take a few.

Those things that you don't match up on are called Chore Peeves. You know, those things that if they aren't done and completed correctly, will set you off like a driver who just got cut off at an intersection? I'll be honest, we clashed on a few chores. For Mr. Adventure, it was the bed. My husband likes his bed made a certain way, and if it's not made that way he can not sleep in it. Really. Many times early in our marriage I was hustled out of bed while he pulled all the covers off and remade it, because "I made it wrong" and "it didn't lay right". He had to teach me how to make it the way he liked it, and I had to get over the fact that I hate making the bed and to "just do it" with love. (people who just pile the blankets on themselves, represent! I was one of you...)
thought provoking chore meditation
For me, it was the trash. I hate taking out the trash! My husband said he would handle this chore, but after two weeks...the trash was still there. He had to learn that with us married, the trash filled up a lot quicker then he was used to and required taking out more frequently. (We haul our own trash to the dump!)

When we finally sat down to actually divide the chores, the first thing that we both realized is that B works a lot. And by a lot, I mean more then 50 hours a week. Sometimes more then 60. I, however, feel like death if I work 40 hours a week, and refuse to do that to myself. Even before we were married I only worked 30--and after we said "I do" I cut back to 20, since I am no longer the main provider in our family unit and I wanted more time to work on my small business.

Our "work hours" played a lot into how we divided our chores. Together, we decided I would handle a  majority of the chores, and I would also make breakfast and cook dinner every day. My husband, on the other hand, would pay all the bills. I think this is a more then "fair" trade when it comes down to it (I really dislike using the word "fair" when referring to marriage, because marriage is NOT "fair" by any standards, and should not be treated as thus, but I couldn't think of a better term)
Thus, I am the one who does the dishes every night. I cook, and clean, and have even set myself up a nice little weekly schedule so I remember to do everything. Mr. Adventure has not washed a toilet once in our married life. (uh, I don't think he washed it before we were married, but that is another story...) Neither has he washed even one shirt in the laundry! I don't say this out of pride or to brag about myself, or to make you think B is some sort of male chauvinist. In actuality, my husband works his tail off in the office to pay off our house, cars, and to provide insurance for both me and our worldly possessions. It seems almost natural to me that I provide for us at home.

Now, I must mention two points. One, this schedule will change when B and I have kids. We don't know how it will change, but we do know adding a very codependent life to our mayhem will require adjustment. Two, B does help out when I am sick. Last week I had the flu and I was miserable. He made me lunch (first time he's cooked since we got married, actually) and he even went to the store by himself the next day and acquired food items for me. And he's brought me countless glasses of hot peppermint tea, and been super polite with my poor whiny sick person attitude. (I'm such a big baby -_-)
Have you thought about how you will handle chores with your spouse? Here are some things to consider if you need help in this area or are just exploring the waters.
  • What are you good at? What is he/she good at?
  • What things can you not stand? Make sure the other person knows.
  • What are you willing to compromise on?
  • Have a plan before you move in to avoid disputes.
  • If you need help, try not to complain or make the other person feel bad. A simple "will you help with this?" or "when were you planning on getting X done?" will suffice.
  • Discuss what household chores your parents were responsible for and your thoughts on their roles. 
  • Don't sacrifice your intimacy or communication over some dirty dishes or socks :) 
How do you and your husband handle chores? Did it change when you had kids?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day!
I wanted to thank my mom for loving me, well, since I was born :) Thanks Mom! I know you gave a lot of your life, time, and money just to make me happy. I am so grateful to you. You were the first person to ever love me.
this picture is a bit old...
I want to also thank my sister. We fought so much when we were younger, but I know you loved me and I loved you too! You were the second person to love me, and my best friend.
These two sweet ladies have shown me so much love and patience and trust throughout our friendship that I would never trade them for the world. Larkin and Beth, thank you! I hope your Valentines day is wonderful and amazing. You guys are my best girl friends and I love hearing about your life and participating in adventures with you! World, take note. These ladies inspire me daily, and they are going places.
Dear husband--I love you. And boy, do I have an amazing Valentines day planned for us! You better be super excited Mister, because we are going to have some fun! Thank you for loving me when I whine at you, dear. Thank you for loving me when I forget to wash your undies and you have to wear some that are two sizes to small...thank you for taking care of me when I am sick and for letting me wear your sweatpants when I am cold and telling me I look sexy. I love you too, so much. And I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
Perhaps the most important person to thank is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I don't spend as much time with you as I should, and I consistently take you for granted. But still you love me. Before I was even born, you loved me. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to live out my life in honor of you.

Happy Valentines day. Who has shown you love in your life?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About Mrs. Kitty Ears, as written by Mr. Adventure

Hi! Husband here. So I saw my wife posted some, uh, awkward pictures of me the other day. I wasn't very happy when I got home about the embarrassing nature of these pictures, especially since one of my coworkers is the one who enlightened me about her revealing blog post. I thought about deleting them, but when I got home my wife made that adorable puppy face and then fed me lasagna and then, well, we won't go into what happens after lasagna, but I'm sure you can guess.

Yet I still wanted to get her back. It is a good thing we shared our passwords with each other when we got married :)

So enjoy these pictures I've captured of Mrs. Kitty Ears! :) Tee hee.
Bunny wife! =^_^=
normal wife
super happy surprised wife
adorable annoying pouty wife 
barefoot-in-kitchen wife!
Also dear, if you are reading this, I just switched the blog post you had scheduled for today to another day. I love you! Can we have lasagna again tonight?