Friday, December 25, 2020

2020 Recap and Thoughts (Christmas Photos)

Well, it's been a year. Two miscarriages. My chronic illness was the worst it has been in a long time. Covid, a lot of activism with people of color, political has been The Year. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted, as I am sure a lot of you are. 

This year has helped me understand history a lot. I have read about the Whigs and Tories of the late 1600s and early 1700s but I never quite grasped what a community divide this would have caused. Those supporting the monarchy vs those who were for very well probably pitted neighbor against neighbor and caused feelings of anger and frustration all around. I can see that mirrored somewhat today with current republicans and democrats. The divide is wide, and many times we don't communicate well with each other. There is name calling and slander on all sides and a great deal of distrust. I am fed up with the lot of it, and the media of course is making it worse. Democrats have families, raise children, pay taxes, and can be good people (who need Jesus) just as much as republicans who are also raising families, paying taxes and working hard in their communities. We are all on the same side even if we believe differently. We are supposed to be working together to build America not working against each other with threats, fists, or malice. If we fight each other those in power can go off and do what they want. As long as we are divided our attention those that are hidden in the shadows will remain so. Instead of becoming angry with our elected officials who make our laws and budget our money, we are angry at "the other side". And our elected officials are very happy our gaze is preoccupied with our neighbors, friends and families as they spend our tax dollars and manipulate the laws... it is a tragic turn of events.

Our Christmas was so very nice. My aunt came down, and I promptly acquired a cold. I am praying my poor aunt does not get it. She is a wonderful person and I don't want to get her sick! It is a mild cold, not covid or the flu, but still. Not ideal for traveling and visiting. The kids had a wonderful Christmas while I decimated a box of tissues and took a nap. My husband is a saint and bought me a new computer with a big screen so I can see well again and write. I don't deserve such a caring man! I am typing on it now and going through another box of tissues while my husband plays his new video game.

Here is what I hope 2021 brings... in no particular order. First, stability of my chronic illness so I can function and be a better mom. It is so hard to parent with a debilitating chronic illness. 

2021 will bring our first year of homeschooling to a close. Reuben is half way through kindergarten and I am in awe of him. He loves to learn and his favorite subject is math. He is wonderful and well on his way to reading. We are still planning on doing full Ambleside Online year one for first grade and I have began to collect the books and materials we need for that. 

I would like to spend more time in God's word and learning how to abide in Him, and devote myself to being a gentle and loving parent. 

I am hopeful that kindness, hope, and love will pervade the lives of all republicans and democrats and a revival and awakening will sweep this nation. We can be the change our country needs and the neighbor our friends are looking for. I have hope, and I am not giving up on our nation or our home.

How are you feeling at the end of this year? I am spent, tired; but hopeful and energetic about what is to come. Be well, my friends, and read the word of God. May your spirit trust in him.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Crochet Toddler Fingerless Gloves

It is really hard to find gloves that will fit tiny hands! At least it is for me. I created these crochet gloves for my toddler. You can download the pattern here, or see the video below! I also have a knit version of tiny toddler gloves if you prefer to knit!

This pattern takes under an hour to make and uses worsted weight yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Gaps Diet [Week 6-7]

 I've started juicing! 

This week was weird. I had three good days followed by four really bad days. I ate some jerky when we traveled and also some keto gluten free bread, so maybe that is why? We are back home now from Thanksgiving break, and I am coping. 

I am just tired of soup and tired of this diet. But I am better, I am healing. It is just going to take time. I'm on phase four of the intro diet! I'm moving forward! I'm improving!!! The end (getting to the full gaps diet) is in sight! I'm over halfway!! 

Lets celebrate the fact I was able to stay on my soup diet over thanksgiving. Lets acknowledge that I sometimes eat ice cream on hard days. I'm trying my best. 

The kids are tired of soup, I'm tired of soup, but next week I don't have to eat any more soup!! I can drink my broth in a cup and have roasted meats and veggies!! Next week is stage 5, and I am excited. 

So, let's talk cheating on the gaps diet. You are not supposed to cheat. I have found that as long as my cheat is once every 3-4 days and is a paleo cheat (or full gaps approved) it does not wreck me and halt the healing. But sometimes cheating spirals and leads to more consumption of unapproved foods. I'm learning to listen to my body but also maintain my health. It is a delicate balance. 

My worst symptom is bloating. I hate it when my belly/stomach gets so bloated I look literally six months pregnant! 

Do you guys want a post about all the supplements I am currently taking with my Gaps diet? Or are you guys tired of hearing about my chronic illness adventures?

I'm healing. I'm improving. I just need to hold fast and cling tight to my focus.