About Me

Hi, my name is Carolynn Markey and this is my blog. It's a conglomeration of a lot of my interests. I blog about knitting and crochet, paleo living and motherhood. That about covers it. If you want to see only my knitting and crochet things, I would recommend following me on Ravelry or on my dedicated fiber youtube channel. This blog is where everything ends up: motherhood posts, things I've made, paleo recipes I need to keep track of, and monthly budgets for our budding family.

I am currently 30 years old, married since 2012, and I have a bachelors in English. I also suffer from dyslexia, so spelling and grammar are rough for me. Don't feel bad about letting me know how I can improve in the comments--it helps! I've been through 4 miscarriages and still struggle with infertility. Our son Reuben was born after three miscarriages and he is such a wonderful blessing to our lives.

You can check out my favorite blog posts here if you are new to my site! A current list of my creative writing can also be found here. Thank you for visiting Kitty Adventures, and have a blessed day.

Other places to find Kitty-Ears:
I have two youtube channels, one for daily vlogging and one for knitting and crochet tutorials and fiber art videos. Likewise, I have two instagrams, @moonofsilver for knitting and crochet pictures, and paleo food pics, and @raisingforhim for pictures of my son and our family. I only have one twitter @moonofsilver and one facebook account (you can subscribe to me using the follow feature, I don't accept friend requests at this time). If you want to support me, I have a patreon page. Last but not least you can find my knitting and crochet tutorials on Ravelry.

And, you are always free to E-mail me!!
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