Monday, March 11, 2013

Mr. Adventure Says...

Welcome to part three in my Mr. Adventure series: where I chronicle the absurd and outrageous things my extraordinary, magnificent, amazing husband says.

Part one and part two are here also, for your amusement. 
You are so sacchariferous, dear.
When discussing valentines day:
B: What did you get me for valentines day, hmmm?
Me: Its a surprise!! Oh, and don't check facebook because I put a picture of it up today.
B: You put a picture of yourself in lingerie on facebook?
Me: Uh, no.
B: *pouts* so I don't get sexy underwear for valentines?

When I was writing a blog post
Me: I'm trying to type and you are touching me.
B: Jesus says I'm allowed to touch my wife.
Came home to this :) 
After dinner out
Me: You would probably die happy if I learned to make tiramisu.
B: No, I'd probably just die fat.

At night, in bed
Me: You are cutting off the circulation in my legs.
B: Please take your legs out of circulation.
Me: -_-

Later in bed
B: Hey!! Guess what!!
Me: *sleepily* what?
B: I found this sticker on your bum.
Me: ??????
so much awesome leg room.
What silly things has your significant other said lately? 

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

haha. oh husbands and their touching. i feel like peppy could have said the one about being allowed to touch his wife. :)