Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Honeymoon

This post might better be termed "what I wore on my honeymoon" or "how I survived food poisoning". :P
driving to our hotel. Loving B's zombie face :P
So, after our wedding we spent the our *first night* as man and wife about an hour away from home, in a hotel located at the blue ridge mountains. The scenery was stunning, lots of trees--and it was amazedly quiet, away from civilization. The hotel didn't have TV or internet and the receptionist seemed kinda confused as to why we would want to stay there. (seriously she told my husband that we shouldn't stay there o.O because we would be bored)
fun things for our night ;P
We were not planning on watching TV or internet. I didn't miss the internet one time that night. ^_~ Mums the word on what we found to do for fun, through :P 
so many people honked at us :)
The next day B told me that we were going on a cruise! OMG! Freak out time! We hit the road for FL, where he said he booked a hotel with a jacuzzi for our next night before we were to board our boat on Sunday. Our hotel DID have a jacuzzi in it, and a king sized bed. Heaven. We drove 10 hours from our home to get to our hotel. Long drive, but so much fun!
The third day we made it to Tampa, another four hours from our jacuzzi-room hotel, where our boat was to take off. It was huge. I couldn't believe I was about to be on a boat!! The room was a lot larger then I thought it would be, and we even had a balcony. 
The next day was a "Fun day at Sea" and B and I drank alcohol on deck and sunbathed and swam and sat in a hot tub and explored and ate way to much food...
The next day we landed at Purta Maya. 
We had some salsa at a fat tuesday. We both got food poisoning that night.
just hours before the food poisoning hits...
The third day on our cruise was basically spent in bed, ordering room service and making multiple trips to our little restroom. I had food poisoning for the reset of the entire week, and then caught the flu the day we arrived back in Tampa. B had his for about 3 more days and then was fine. Lucky.
The fourth day of our cruise I started my period. I'll be honest and say I panicked. I'd planned our wedding so this wouldn't happen! Why am I having my period a week early? I didn't know how to tell B. I had no idea what he would do. Would he be grossed out? 

Actually, he didn't mind. I stressed out for nothing. Hah. 
After this B and I decided to ignore our food poisoning and have a good time. He bought me a floppy hat. We went to see the mayan ruins and swam at a beach. We visited Roatan and Belize.  
fancy dining night! 
We had a great, wonderful honeymoon, and we made some incredible memories! Sadly, on the drive home I caught the flu. I was miserable and don't remember much of the drive (it took about 16 hours from Tampa to our home) My wonderful husband drove the entire way without complaint (and probably listening to me complain). The next day I noticed I was peeing blood. Yup, I had a urinary track infection, but thats another story for another time (I'm fine now). (Funny how I caught three terrible illnesses the first month we were married. B makes fun of me)
Oh, how I love you, dear wonderful sweet husband and I'll always remember our honeymoon. I'll laugh at the little trials we went through, but I'll never regret marrying you. And thanks for taking care of me when I was puking :)


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you didn't know that you were going on a cruise until that day? that's so awesome! way to go, b! (the food poisoning...not so awesome.)

i love your striped dress with that navy cardigan. you look like a little sailor. :)

melindarose said...

The striped dress outfit is so adorable! Do you remember where you got it from?

elle said...

I love your turquoise hat!! (Aquamarine hat? Teal hat? I don't know colors, it's fine.)

My period always comes at the most awkward times, too. She does it on purpose I'm pretty sure. None of these pictures are any indication that you were so sick, poor thing! You look beautiful in all of them! (:

Teh Megan said...

I licked the brownie batter bowl the night before Valentines this year.... I got to spend all day on valentines with food poisoning. Fortunately, my BF was up visiting, but UNfortunately, that was also the day that all the mystery in our relationship was lost.

Glad to see you made the best of it! Neither of you look as miserable as I felt..

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i came back to mention that the first month peppy and i were married, i got a UTI and mono. and then i gave mono to him. and he gave it to his cousin. whew. wife of the year over here.

Rachael said...

Cute outfits! I love the blue flower especially!

Anonymous said...

Your floppy hat is uh-mazing! I love the bright color!

Kristin said...

I'm glad you were able to make the most of your trip even though you were sick! You don't look sick at all, though, in the pictures. :)


Charlotte said...

Way to make the most of it! I like that you trooped through, and saw interesting things, and did fun stuff, instead of just moping in bed. And now you'll have a story to share for the rest of your married life!

In regards to UTIs... I contract them easily (I had three in our first two months of marriage!) so if you have any questions/wondering about any tips, feel free to email me. I'm not shy about sharing. :)

Rachel said...

I feel like marriage seems to have a connection to making you sick. I was never so sick as I was the first year we were married. It felt like it was one thing after another! I've even lost weight since being married. My theory is that I'm exposed to a lot more germs than I ever was before, especially being married to a nurse.
A famous family story is that my Grandma ended up in the emergency room the day after she got married--she had mono!

Unknown said...

Hey, you were in my neck of the woods! (Tampa!)

At least you'll never forget your honeymoon. May the rest of your marriage be filled with good health!

I love your striped dress, so cute!


Chantal said...

Away, how sweet is this, I can't wait for mine!!!


Unknown said...

Your outfits are adorable, but honestly my favourite thing about your post is your frankness.... you made me laugh and blush and I enjoyed every second of it. Congratulations!!!!!