Monday, April 8, 2013

Where are you, Spring?

It seems like it is going to be perpetually cold here in VA. Spring, where are you? Yesterday we had icy rain and today I woke up to near-freezing temperatures and a husband that had to go to work and couldn't cuddle, much to his chagrin, and mine.
So I did what any newly-married girl would do. I found my favorite pants and the largest sweater possible and decided to have a good time anyway :)
Last week when I was thrifting I found these amazing hiking boots for only $3. I love them! They are perfectly my size and roomy to boot! 
Needless to say, I've been perpetually living in them ever since :) What do you wear on cold days? 
Just a heads up: in a few weeks I'm going to be participating in Delirious Rhapsody's Spring Fashion Week. It runs from April 20-26, 2013! You should participate to, you know, because a) her blog is awesome, and b) there is a gift card up for grabs! Hope to see you there!
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