Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Meet your Neighbors

When Mr. Adventure and I were married, I was really curious about our neighbors. Since he had lived in his house for four years, I thought he would know them. What are our neighbors like? Are they married? Do you know them? I asked, as I glowed with newlywed amore.

Strangely he didn't know any of them. Men must not be filled with overwhelming urges to bake muffins and ring people's doorbells. Sigh.
But, I still wanted to meet the neighbors! So I came up with an amazing idea. I'll make muffins and attach a cute hello post card and tie the whole thing to their doorknob!

I ordered these from Moo. I love them. I can't wait to give them to our neighbors!!!

This is what the back says:
Hello Neighbor! My name is Carolynn, and I just married the most wonderful man last November! I live near YOU now, at my address, where I can be close to my new husband and, of course, renovate his house from bachelordom! As I've lived here, I've seen a few of you out and about, with your spouse or with your childern. I just wanted to say: I would love to meet you and your families! The Mr. and I plan on living here for as long as the good Lord will allow (hopefully all our lives) and we would love to get to know YOU and  help YOU out in times of need and to laugh with you in times of joy. Have a blessed day.
A little about us:   
Her: Love to knit, sew, read, write and do photography. I run my own etsy and blogging business.
Him: Loves to program, watch anime, hike, build things, and eat bacon.
I am really excited about meeting and encouraging my neighbors! When I was passing out the cards I prayed for each family. I also put my e-mail and phone number on the cards. Have you ever met your neighbors? On an unrelated note, if your neighbor stuck a post card and a muffin on your door, would you think it was odd?


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i think this is sweet. we were fortunate to move into a new development while most of it was under construction. EVERYONE was excited to meet their neighbors, so whenever we saw a carload of people checking out their potential house lot, we'd all run into the street and greet them. it might sound a little obsessive. but it was so nice meeting half of our street before we had even moved in.

Rachel said...

I live next door to my uncle and aunt, but besides that, I don't know my neighbors at all. I wouldn't even recognize them if I saw them, because we live in the country and our neighbors are actually a long walk away. When I think about it, it's kind of sad, but we're also not planning to live here for long, so that kind of makes me okay with it!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

I don't think I would have the courage to do this! Your note is great, though. I would think it was sweet if one of my neighbors did this for me. :)

Cliffie said...

I know some of my neighbors, but not that many. Now part of the reason is probably that I live in an apartment complex, with people coming and going all the time. I have met some of them at the pool, but as far as the people who live physically right near me, I really don't know any of them (sad). And if one of my neighbors hung a note on my door with food, I would: 1.Find it slightly strange 2.Be intrigued 3.And be impressed. :)

Shawna said...

That is beyond sweet! I only know one of our neighbors but maybe I shall follow your lead and get to know the folks down the road :)

Sara said...

This is so sweet! I love this idea! When we finally get a house bought and moved in I think I might steel this idea.

Deidre said...

My husband and I moved into a new neighbourhood when we moved in together and I wanted to bake our neighbours cookies and introduce ourselves and he wouldn't let me! Now he regrets it.

Sarah S. said...

we bought a house just over a year ago and I have only spoken to one of our neighbors (mostly because we kind of share a driveway entrance). I wish I knew more of neighbors though, I'm just not that outgoing. and I have also noticed that most of them are a lot older than us.