Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Closet

Upstairs, we have a little loft room where Mr. Adventure and I watch movies.

my loft

When I got married I knew my clothes were never going to fit in my husband's closet (its very, very tiny). I'm so glad that the loft room had two LARGE closets that hubby was only using for storage!
Now that we are married I have taken them over, and the other things (his camping gear) has been moved downstairs.

the computer stuff is how we project to the wall :)
I really do have a ton of clothing. I think hubby is a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of skirts I own. Oh, also upstairs is my bathroom, that I showed you guys last month. I thank God daily that I have my own bathroom.

a lot of dresses
pretty dresses!!
my other closet
My shirt problem...
Anyway, so that's my closet! What does yours look like? And yes, I know I have a lot of clothes. I know I have a, uh, slight space problem. But, I only shop at Goodwill--so, perhaps it is an acceptable addiction in terms of my wallet? I really don't ever throw anything way--and I still have many shirts I wore in high school. ^_-

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