Monday, May 13, 2013

Skirt Refashion

So, I have this really weird shirt that I bought some time at goodwill. It fails at fitting me, and has been in my "refashion" pile for awhile now. Today I decided to actually do something with it!
cut off the bottom 
Remove the Zipper
  • I had to remove the piece of side zipper that was still attached. It went up further on the shirt so when I removed the bottom to make a skirt, I had to cut it in half.
Add a Side Zipper
  • I added a working zipper for the skirt. and cut off the extra fabric at the top.
Have you refashioned anything lately?


Rachel said...

Hey, the pattern of that shirt worked perfectly for the refashion!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

it's so cute! you did a great job.

katie said...

Cute redo! I've been considering doing that to a dress I have -- the top doesn't fit me well, but I love the fabric of the skirt. We'll see if I actually go through with it. I *have* done a recent refashioning, and ended up with some fabulous cropped dress pants out of it: