Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable

Oh my, at first I couldn't think of anything that induced that awkward itchy feeling in the pit of my stomach, but Mr. Adventure's knowledge of my person and its idiosyncrasies has a use...because he just spent that last five minutes listing things that make me irritable. (at my request) Hah!
1) When my husband mentions bowel movements. Enough said. Why, husband, why?

2) Being on anything that is fast. This makes poor Mr. Adventure sad, since he owns a motorcycle that I refuse to ride. I decided early in life that I was never going die in a motorcycle accident, and thus will never accompany anyone on such a death contraption.

3) Seeing a steamy sex scene while in the presence of my spouse. When I'm watching a movie by myself, I can fast forward or look away. But when I'm with my husband, it just adds another level of awkwardness. If a movie has more then one such scene, I'll usually turn it off. I want my sex life (and what my head thinks about sex) to only include my husband and nothing else. I desire to keep that part of our life private and sacred! No thank you, other people's sex, you are not needed.

4) Telling people what I do for a living. So, what do you do? Me: I sale things on etsy and run a blog, and take care of my husband. Them: Oh, you don't work? That must be nice to just sit around. Me: No,   I work. I take pictures, write a lot, and I do make money... Them: ... Oh, so awkward. This is usually how the conversation goes...if not like this, then it turns into them trying to get me to make them something, for free.
What makes you uncomfortable?
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