Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to: Beaded Knit Cuff

How to: Knit beaded cuff! If you are new to beading, or to knitting itself, this easy beginners tutorial highlights fundamental skills while teaching you to create a fun bangle for your wrist! Knits up quick, in about 15-20 minutes, and would make a great friendship bracelet or gift for a friend!

For 6 inch wrist, cast on 20 stitches on 6.5mm needles with worsted weight yarn. 
Rows 1&2: K1 P1 For first two rows
Row 3: Switch to sport yarn and needles to 4.5mm, add beads to yarn.
K1, K1 and then Add one through back loop. Repeat this (K1, KI, K1tbl) until end.
Row 4: Purl all
Row 5: Knit 2, K1 with Bead (repeat till end)
Row 6: Purl all
Row 7: K1 with bead, K2 (repeat till end)
Row 8: Purl all
Row 9: Bind off (use 6mm needle to bind off), and stitch together to form bracelet.
Step one: What size wrist do you have?
  • I have a 6 inch wrist. Because of this, I start off by casting on 20 stitches on a size 6.5mm knitting needles. Add 2-3 stitches per .5 inch. So, if you have a 6.5 inch wrist, you would cast on 22 stitches, and so forth. 
  • Cast on 20 stitches in a worsted weight or bulky yarn. My yarn has a "5" on it. 
Step two: For two rows, alternate a K1 P1 row with our worsted weight yarn.
  • This is ribbing. On the right side, you will K1 P1 and the wrong side you will P1 K1. Make sure the stitches match. As in, when you turn the work for the second row, knit all knit stitches and purl all purl on that side.
  • This is the same stitch you would use, say, on the rim of a hat or on the ends of your sleeves.
Step three: Beads
  • I knit my beads on. Because of this, I need to add them to my yarn before I start.
  • We will now add your beads to your other color choice. The second yarn should be fingering or sport weight, useable for 2.75 or 3mm needles. (but we are using 4.5mm)
  • To add beads (you need 20 beads for a 20 stitch cast on) just thread your yarn end on an embroidery needle and pull beads though. I am using 6mm beads.
Step Four: Switch
  •  Cut off your first yarn, leaving about 6 inches of tale. Tie your second yarn to the end, as close to that first stitch as possible. Now we will knit. 
  • For this first row, I am knitting all stitches. Switch to your 4.5mm needle. I am following a K1, K1, K1tbl pattern. You add a stitch through the back every other knit. 
Step Five: Bead
  • After purling the back row (we are now on row 5) we will bead. I am adding beads on every third stitch. 
  • K2, K1 with bead till end.
  • To add a bead, simply slide it up the yarn when you knit your next stitch. 
  • Purl all on the back row again. (Row 6) 
Step Six: Finishing
  •  I added 10 beads on the 5th row, and then 10 more on 7th, for a variegated bead effect.
  • After your purl all on the 8th row, bind off. Use a larger needle to bind off. I used a 6mm. This will help your work not be to tight in the top.
 Step Seven: Done!
  • Put right sides together and stitch up with your end yarn. Weave in the dangling pieces, and you are done!
See you next week, where I'll show you how I made a mini skirt out of a shirt! :)


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noone said...

nicely done! I've always wanted to learn how to knit!