Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tutorial: Scrap Rug

Need a rug? Short on cash? Why don't you make one?
If you sew at all, you have one of these:
fabric stash
Don't deny it! Sometimes I think...but one day I'll find some use for it somewhere. Or--I just paid 8$ a yard for this elephant print fabric--I can't throw out the leftovers! But whatever the reason, all seamstress can be found hoarding a giant stash of fabric scraps like it's gold. Or Ryan Gosling's hair.

Anyway, if you have a fabric stash I'm going to show you one possible thing you can do with it :)

Stash Buster Scrap Rug Tutorial

Step one
: Tear your scraps into lines. I'm making mine about this big:
Step two: Tie them all together. You don't want any pieces less then 12 inches. Trust me.
Step three: Start accumulating a large pile.
Step four: Burry yourself in it. I mean, find your largest knitting needles (I'm using size 15. I probably should be using a 20, but eh, this is the largest I have)
Step five: Knit. I'm knitting both sides.
Step six: Add some more fabric to the end as needed, and then...
Step seven: Keep knitting. Forever.
Step eight: If you happen to get to the end, you can pull all the "tie pieces" through to one side.
Step nine: Let your toes admire your handiwork. Yay :)
You can also crochet this, or make a braid and sew it together! :) Happy stash busting!
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