Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tutorial: Scrap Rug

Need a rug? Short on cash? Why don't you make one?
If you sew at all, you have one of these:
fabric stash
Don't deny it! Sometimes I think...but one day I'll find some use for it somewhere. Or--I just paid 8$ a yard for this elephant print fabric--I can't throw out the leftovers! But whatever the reason, all seamstress can be found hoarding a giant stash of fabric scraps like it's gold. Or Ryan Gosling's hair.

Anyway, if you have a fabric stash I'm going to show you one possible thing you can do with it :)

Stash Buster Scrap Rug Tutorial

Step one
: Tear your scraps into lines. I'm making mine about this big:
Step two: Tie them all together. You don't want any pieces less then 12 inches. Trust me.
Step three: Start accumulating a large pile.
Step four: Burry yourself in it. I mean, find your largest knitting needles (I'm using size 15. I probably should be using a 20, but eh, this is the largest I have)
Step five: Knit. I'm knitting both sides.
Step six: Add some more fabric to the end as needed, and then...
Step seven: Keep knitting. Forever.
Step eight: If you happen to get to the end, you can pull all the "tie pieces" through to one side.
Step nine: Let your toes admire your handiwork. Yay :)
You can also crochet this, or make a braid and sew it together! :) Happy stash busting!


Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

Pining this and telling everyone about it!! I have been dying to find an easy how to of this because I have so much fabric plus I am making a t-shirt quilt on top of that so my fabric is endless these days. YOU ARE THE BEST YET AGAIN.

aramanthe said...

I've done this before with braided fabric, and it turned out lovely! The hardest and most monotonous part is actually cutting the fabric. It's so nice though! Yours is gorgeous!