Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Booth

craft fair table display
I was really nervous about organizing my items for sale at the craft fair--but I think, for my first time, I did a good job. It was fun to see all my handmade hats, scarfs, bows, and tie dye displayed all together. I realized that my products really resemble each other--I have a very woodland bohemian style and it comes out in my shop.
I tie-dyed a bed sheet to use as a tablecloth. You may recognize this as the dress I posted yesterday, hah! I then tried to display my items in a colorful, yet understandable manner. I also attempted to use tiers, and stagger some things higher then others to make them pop.
handmade items at a craft fair
I used my dress mannequin to showcase some handmade clothing, and my earring tree to hold my bracelets and bows. My mom bought me this clothing stand from home to hold my tie dyed appeal and my purses!
selling tie dye at market
I also wore this dress, that I reversed dyed, and of course my kitty hat! I think it is important to show that you love what you sale. By actually wearing items that you made, you can communicate to your customer your fierce loyalty and devotion to your creative line.
handmade booth
Have you ever sold at a craft fair? How did you design your wares for display?


Charlotte Paris Wood said...

I haven't seen you on Facebook in a while. Did you leave? I miss seeing your blog posts there. After catching up, I'm feeling inspired to go to goodwill this morning.

moonofsilver said...

Yeah I left :) it was a decision my husband and I made together and for now it was the right one although I miss face book sometimes :p

Charlotte Paris Wood said...

I will just have to make a point of visiting kitty ears, then. :)

Rachel G said...

That looks like exactly the kind of set up you would have. And it's true, your style is very evident in the accessories/apparel you make!