Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I am thoroughly enjoying spring.
Some time this month (or next?) I need to get my hair cut. I love how long it is, but sadly my ends are dead and...my hair is two colors. I dyed it with henna about a year ago and I've decided not to re-dye it. I really liked being a red head (for four years) but I'm ready to go back to my natural color now. I  want to grow it long again, but the two-tone colors looks rather odd now. Time to start anew!
I wore this little red dress when Mr. Adventure took me out for our 6 month anniversary! It was fun to surprise him with this flirty number. You can't see, but the back is open. :) I had to wear a strapless bra, and I was reminded of how much I hate those things.  
my hair is so long you can't see the back, tee hee
How did you spend your day today?


Lejla said...

Cute dress :)
Your hair looks lovely :)

Rachel said...

Yeah, the two tone look is why I will never dye my hair. I hate the look of roots. I would cut your hair for you! I love working with naturally curly hair. I know you don't like to do anything to your hair that damages it, but I think it would be interesting something to see it straightened--I'm sure your hair would look crazy long if it was straight. I used a straightener on a couple of my cousins who have super tight, curly hair, and that was the first time they ever saw themselves with straight hair. They felt like they didn't recognize themselves. I understand the feeling. I don't feel like me when my hair is straightened.

don't be a mesmire said...

i henna my hair and i love it! it's actually closer to my natural color anyways, but i guess natural red can fade to a burnished brown as you get older (that's what i tell myself haha) but i can definitely see how henna would be kinda funky in the inbetween for people with other colored hair, especially if you aren't dedicated to it. natural is always best! but i think the red looks good on you.