Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tie Dye Fail

So, you remember that giveaway I did last week? Well, the winner asked for a dress dyed purple! But for some reason, the cotton that I used was too thin, and the whole dress turned purple. Not dyed, just purple.
So I tried to dye it again, thinking that something was wrong with me. It turned a deeper shade of purple. And the lace turned a different color. Yay? So not what I wanted to happen...

Then I did what every artist probably does in moments like this: I pouted. And whined. And ate hummus. Then I played a video game for four hours. In my underwear.

After my tantrum, I feel better and am going to tackle the dress again! *I really hope it works this time* I think it was the thinness of the cotton, but I don't know. (Any ideas, you guys??)

Oh, and this weeks winner is Kathleen! I've already e-mailed you, Kathleen, and I can't wait to create a dress for you! I'm going to use thick cotton so there are no more tie dye mistakes. Well, my husband told me the purple color is really pretty, so I will probably sale these in my shop, since they are fine. Just not tie dyed.

For this week, I'm going to do something different for the giveaway. To enter, leave an encouraging comment below this post, and on Monday the 20th (yes, only one day) I'll pick a winner randomly! Please leave your e-mail too :)
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