Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for Selling Items at a Crafts Fair

Last week I attended my first craft fair! Yes, and I was scared! I've visited a lot of fairs in the past, as a shopper, but this was my first time being a vender. The bazaar I was a part of turned out to be really small (lots of vendors, not many shoppers) but it was very fun. My goal was just to make back what I paid this first time. I actually made a little more then my goal, and I even won a prize at the fair!
Before you go:
  1. Know the demographic that will be attending. (I didn't think about this, but my mom mentioned) She saw that many of the vendors had "older women" type things for sale. She said my demographic is teenagers or young adults--and I need to be aware of that when I go places. 
  2. Know your numbers. For example, my booth was 11x11 feet. The table provided was one 8' table with two chairs. I need to know these numbers when planning my display. 
  3. Have a sign. I water-colored my own sign.
  4. Have an eye catching display. I plan on hanging my small items on a wire tree, and my clothing items from a rope, and everything else on a table. I plan on bringing a second table.
  5. Have a range of prices to interest each customer. My prices range from $10-$60.
  6. Have $100 in change. 40-$1's, 4-$5's, 2-$10's, 1-$20. All my prices are single digits, so I don't have to worry about nickels, dimes or pennies. 
  7. Offer something for free. I plan on having a knitting lesson sign up sheet, and bubbles for kiddies to pick up! 
At the Event:
  1. I didn't think about how many other crafters I would meet. I actually made a few acquaintances and perhaps started some new friendships. Many of those who had booths were from my area! This is a great opportunity to meet other crafters and make friends. I met Vicki and her daughter and another knitter, (I can't find her shop, sadly!) who I invited to the knit group I attend on Fridays.
  2. I didn't buy anything, but my mom did! She bought me an amazing "fairytale" scarf from one vender, and some rooster towels for my grandmother. 
  3. I won a book necklace from Vicki's booth. This made my day. I have always wanted a book necklace! I'm wearing it right now and will be doing a photo-shoot with it next week :) 
Anyway, this was my first experience with selling my items at a fair. Would I do it again? Maybe. I'm not sure. If you have any vendor tips, please let me know! 
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