Monday, May 27, 2013


I handmade another dress. This was supposed to be for me it turned out larger then I wanted. So I'll probably sale it in my shop! I love the pink.
 Of course I had to wear it with a kitty hat. My hat goes with everything :)
Since my husband was at work, I took my dress out for coffee at the Muse, and to the grocery store! I am learning so much making dresses for you guys, seriously! The winner of last weeks giveaway was Deanna. The giveaway is going to be on hold for awhile--I need to get caught up on making/mailing dresses.
My husband actually had memorial weekend off. We spent it together and had a great vacation! Its been six months since we've spent good, long quality time in each others presence, since he works so much. I enjoyed myself immensely and I love my man more every passing day.
I also mailed out my first giveaway dress last week. I hope she likes it.


Rachel G said...

These pictures must have been from before you cut your hair, right? Angel had this weekend off too, but he's working today. I had Saturday off for the first time since I start school last September--it was a glorious weekend, too! Just having free time to be together is so important!

Deanna Fike said...

i'll email you all my info tonight. i couldn't find measuring tape anywhere. we are going to my parent's house today and i'm sure she's got one.

also...rachel said you got a hair cut? post pictures!!