Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cara Box

Cara Box
This month my Cara Box partner was Ashely! The theme was "local"--send your friend a package detailing the state or city where you live. I mailed her a box of goodies that you can check out on her blog!
Heather from My Little HEA was my other partner! She lives in FL and sent me a wonderful box full of beach, sun, and fun! I love the flip flops. Every spring I buy a new pair of flip flops and wear them out. I have not purchased mine for this year yet--and I adore the teal color! They will go with everything!

My husband saw the freeze dried ice cream and went ballistic. Apparently he loves freeze dried ice cream? Hah! He ate it and then chased me around the house trying to make me try it. I like my ice cream non freeze dried, thank you :P
My next favorite thing was the vegan lip balm and the travel sized sun screen! I stuck both in my purse for when the moment calls!  
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