Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Working in a Call Center

Yes, I work in a call center. No, I don't hate it (most of the time) But here is a list of why I don't like working in a call center vs. why I do like it. A pro and cons debate, if you will.
I work in an inbound call center (where people call me, not I call them) Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to have a job--but sometimes work is just so ridiculous!!
  • I get to sit down and not stand up for hours and hours unlike a retail or food service position
  • In between calls, I can surf the web and go to news sites and blogs
  • Pays decently, and I get a "bonus" for upsells (like offering Full Delivery or our Ez program)
  • I get to help people understand their bills and calm them down when they are upset 
  • Job security. 
  •  I'm really close to people around me and many of them smoke. Sometimes it is really hard for me to breathe. I hate smoke.
  • I get yelled at on the phone by customers
  • I have to work weekends when my hubby is off.
  • I sound like a parrot "Thank you for calling the..." "Would you like the..."
  • The headphones give me a headache (and the voices) 
  • Some people are really stupid. (But some are really neat. Most of them are just old through...)  
  • Working takes up so much time. I'd rather be sewing. Or napping. Or both (note: don't try this)
  • I hate "stupid" rules. Like, not going back to your desk until after your lunch shift (as in, sometimes you are min or two late because you can't enter the floor until your 30 min are up) or the fact that you have to wear shoes. I'm in a cubicle. Why do I have to wear shoes? 
I think this can be summed up quite nicely by this little chart I made using stock photos:
Anyway, all I am trying to say--if you are on the phone with someone--try to be kind. We (or at least, I) really care about the people who call in and I really do want to help! But please try not to yell at me because it really makes me nervous and, seriously, are you really going to loose your cool over a newspaper? Also, I really am here to help you, and if you would just hold on a minute I'm sure I could explain that bill/charge/problem you are having and make it all go away...

What do you do for your day job? Let me know what drives you crazy! If you want to make a pro-con list, feel free to link up with me.
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