Friday, January 4, 2013

My Favorite iPhone Apps

These are my top favorite iPhone apps! You should check them out because they help me on a daily basis, seriously!

1) King Camera
There is one reason I love this app. It has a self-timer built in for taking pictures. I can leave my phone a few yards away, press the timer, and take a self-photo! You can also edit, make movies, and make time-lapse videos. Check out the review here.  Cost: .99$

2) Photo Library 
This app allows you to tag and sort your iphoto libary. A must have for someone who takes a ton of pictures (aka me)

3) Phonto
Allows you to add words to pictures. Free app. They have tons of fonts and it is super easy to use. ----------->

4) Pic Frame
Exactly what it says. Allows you to frame pictures and put them together. You can use a lot of frames for free, but there are premium ones also.

5) Jelly Defense  
Best game ever. If you like tower defense games, you will be hooked. I beat it all, and it took me about a week. Seriously good game play and interesting levels!

What are your favorite iphone apps? Let me know--I'm always on the lookout for new ones! 

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