Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yay! The ground is covered in white fluffy COLD stuff!
snow tree sky blue cloudless
girl snow tree morning light ginger red head
Snow, I love you! Will you be my best friend?
self photo tree light snow ice
Note: the snow stuck around for two days! TWO days! That is a record for my town! We really hardly EVER get any snow here.
Hat and Scarf: Target
Dress, Coat, Boots: Thrifted


  1. Oh man--I am not nearly as happy as you are about snow at the moment. But that's because my car is literally stuck in a snow drift in my driveway. Snow is pretty but it's annoying!!

  2. Lovely pictures <3
    Here in the Netherlands it's snowing too, I love it (:

    x Elena

  3. it still has not snowed here. GRRRR!

  4. These snow pictures are gorgeous! Adore! :)
    xo TJ

  5. I love the snow! I live in Texas and we also very rarely get snow. When it does snow, no one goes to school or work and everyone has snow photos on Facebook! Great pictures!


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