Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tutorial: Make Circle Photos

I've seen these around the web a lot: the circle photo. How do they do it? Then I figured out how--it all has to do with saving as a png file! It really is that easy.
Step 1
Add an layer on top of the picture you want to circle-fie. (is that a word? o.O)
Step 2
Use your brush tool, and choose the solid circle. Make the brush as big as you want the circle to be.
Step 3
Making sure you have to top layer selected, use the brush to put a nice, big, white circle over your friends face :P
Step 4
Make another bottom later. Then, using the "selectly-tool-thing" (what is that thing really called?) select the area around your circle while you have the top layer highlighted. Then, click your middle layer and press the delete button.
Step 5
Crop your circle and make sure you "hide" all layers below it before you save. As in, your circle should either be the bottom later or click the "eye" next to any layers below that so they don't show up.
Step 6
You must save your file as a PNG or their will be a white background behind your circle. In some versions of Photoshop there is box you must check when saving in order for the background to be transparent. When you see the file on your computer, it may not appear transparent, but it will when uploaded!
Step 7
Circle everything :) I'm sure there are multiple ways to make these, but this is my way and I'd thought I'd share. Happy New Years!


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Always wondered how people did this too!

(formerly Simply Lowcountry)

Chantal said...

So it has to be done on a pc or laptop right?

Shary said...

My png files still don't show up transparent once I upload them. SADNESS.

The Thriftiness Miss said...

Awesome tip! Pinning for future use with my photo editing. Thanks for sharing it. New gfc follower from the I love my post hop too. Hope you can follow as well. Have a lovely day!