Monday, December 31, 2012

How to make pie, the ghetto fabulous edition

Hubby requested a pie for christmas. How can I resist hubby when he looks like this?
So, I'm like: okay, I know how to make a pie.

But wait--he has no pie sheet to roll out the crust. But, I'm smart! So I cover our counter in saran wrap! (Great idea btw--EASY clean up!!)
And then I go to actually flatten my pie crust. And. There. Is. No. Rolling Pin. I know I own a rolling pin. But for the life of me, I can't find it anywhere. (Probably at my mothers house?) And of course, hubby doesn't have one. (would any acceptable, rugged man, he asks, be caught dead with a desert making device? I mean, that can't even be remotely used for making either bacon, or chili, he insists--and therefore is somehow a nonessential kitchen necessity)
So after 5 harrowing seconds of freaking out--I grab the nearest round object and proceed to flower it and make my pie. Yup, I used a drinking cup. And you know, it worked pretty well for not being a rolling pin.
How ghetto fabulous! (In other news, hubby liked the pie. He ate it before I remembered to take a picture of the finished deal. Sorry! :P)

And thats how you make a pie crust without a rolling pin. :D


Rachel said...

Pretty sure I don't own a rolling pin either...or if I do, I've never had to use it. I typically make a point of baking no-roll things.... I like you you made do with what you had!!

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

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Teh Megan said...

My friends and I once had to use cooking spray wrapped in saran wrap as a rolling pin.. Wasn't worth buying one for just one pie!

Innovation! Hurray!

katie said...

i learned to make pie senior year of high school. freshman year of college, i used it as a way to make friends (my dad nicknamed me the "piefairy," because whenever i'd come home to visit, a pie would magically appear the next morning). the eventually-mister (at that time just friend)'s apartment had a better kitchen than my dorm building, so i was there baking a pie for a holiday party. not surprisingly in a house of college dudes, there was little as far as bakewares =) so i made the exact same macguyverings you did! then, for my birthday a couple months later, the eventually-mister gave me a rolling pin. and somehow it still took a few more months before we were dating? pie is love, people. =)

tara said...

So done this myself before!haha.What kind of pie was it?

Carolynn said...

Apple! It was good!!