Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts on 27

In two days I turn 27. Did you know that I never thought "27" would come? I never envisioned this moment as a child. I never dreamed about 27.
Now I realize I will turn 27. And 28. And 30 (God willing)!

Getting older is still exciting. Getting wrinkles is not. But I don't have any yet, so I'll worry about that later. Today I just wanted to share with you some goals; a list of things to I want to accomplish before I turn 28.
  • Become Closer to God
  • Own more hats (I love hats)
  • Write a book
  • Start my own Buisness
  • Quit my day job
  • Find some places to volunteer 
  • Love my husband to the best of my ablility
  • Organize our collective house
  • Blog about life
  • Meet and make new friends
What are some goals you have for this new year? Tomorrow I have something funny to share with you guys. I wonder if you will think it shocking or giggle-worthy? :P


Anonymous said...

Great goals....Turning 26 was weird for me last month. It sounds so much older than 25!

I really encourage you to get to the point where you can quit your job. Coming from someone who used to work in corporate america, I am SO much happier now that I am doing something I love!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i had a mini life crisis when i turned 25. i remember thinking, 'i haven't accomplished anything!'

but now i kind of like getting older, because i feel like people finally take me seriously. :) happy early birthday!

Rachel said...

I haven't thought about being 26 yet either--but it's really not that far away. Angel was already 26 when I married him. I hope you have the best year yet this year!!

sarahssidebar said...

It's your birthday today!! :D Woo hoo!!
Happy birthday!! :D

noone said...

perks of getting old is getting more freedom to do what you want to do with the financial side, the bad part is yeah... WINKLES! sigh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN :D

Marlen said...

you're so right, no one ever dreams about those odd ages like 26. it's like saying "i cant wait till i'm 34!" haha. but all the best to you this year and i hope you have a wonderful one :) looks like you're planning on it what with your great goals!

HLBurke said...

Here are some hats that might interest you: