Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shop Update

I'm finally getting my etsy shops fixed up. In order to make it more streamlined, I've separated my vintage and handmade items!

Here are some new things I've uploaded to my vintage shop, Kitty Adventure's Vintage Finds and to my handmade shop, Silver Moon Creations.
embroidered purse
crochet hat
lace coin purse
blue indian dress
boho bag
hipster purse
sari close up of embroidery
Etsy is such a wonderful site, I really love selling there and can't wait until June when it will become my full time job!! (well, besides the job I already have of taking care of my wonderful husband :P)


his little lady said...

Oh how fun! Loving that last bag! :)
xo TJ

Rachel said...

How exciting! It's great that you've found something you're so passionate about! I want writing to be my full-time job! :)

Cliffie said...

Your creations look nice! One thought: I suggest using a white background in your pictures, even if it's just a sheet, so that your products will show better. Of course, this is not your etsy store, so you may use different pictures there. Just a thought from a fellow-creative soul...

Cliffie said...

Then again, I just looked at your pictures again, so maybe it's not necessary... :)