Monday, March 4, 2013

James Bond and Sexism

Recently I was privileged enough to watch the new James Bond movie. I must tell you I was shocked at the blatant sexism against women portrayed in the show. I knew a blog post was in order.

Just so you know, this is the only Bond movie I have seen.

Here are the five most sexist things in the Skyfall movie.
1) I was struck how, in the movie, there is no romance. All the sex pictured is just a one night stand. This shows women merely as sexual objects, good for one night of passion, but unfit for deep love, intimacy, and commitment.

2) The first women we see him steamily making love with--we don't even know her name. Is she sad that James has left her? She was just used for a night of pleasure and discarded, at least as far as the story line shows in the movie. 

3) The most sexist thing I have ever seen was in the middle of the movie, when James promises to "rescue" the beautiful women who was sold into sex slavery. Yet, when he "rescues" her, what does he do? He treats her just like all the other men before her, using her body for a sexual thrill and getting in the shower with her naked. He had an opportunity to treat her with the respect and intelligence she deserved,  yet he only sees her as a sexual object just like all the other men in her life. I was appalled at this scene. 
4) Above--James does not even ask her if it is okay for him to enter the shower. They are not married. He does not own the rights to her body. You may say "but she seemed to enjoy it!" Yes, she did seem to enjoy it. But, keep in mind, since she was 13 she has been taught that men have a right to her body--that her body is not hers. She has been indoctrinated that her sole purpose in life is to look beautiful and to have sex with men. Why would she rebel against  ANOTHER man using her body? She has probably been raped multiple times. She knows, at least subconsciously, that fighting against her owner will just get her beat. James should have treated her with respect, but instead he treats her just like a sex slave!

5) When the lovely young women is shot by James nemesis, he doesn't even bat an eye. He merely remarks on the waste of a good alcohol beverage, and she is never mentioned again. If she had never told him about the boat, he would never have found the hideout. She single-handily contributed to his success, yet she is never given even an ounce of credit. 

I found this whole movie a waste of my time.

What do you think? Do you agree? Have you seen the movie?
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