Friday, March 15, 2013

I am so angry

Google just announced they are getting rid of GFC. You know, the way you follow those blogs you love? And stay connected with your best friends?
WHAT?!? I don't understand Google's thought process right now.
For those of you who currently follow me through GFC, you can now follow me through Bloglovin!  If you don't have Bloglovin, check out the links to the left of this post for even more ways to follow me.


Rachel said...

Yeah, when they start changing things up is one of the things I don't really like about technology. I followed you on bloglovin', dear. That doesn't really mean I know how to use bloglovin', but I'll figure it out!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

apparently bloglovin' is letting you import your entire google reader now. so at least it makes it a bit easier. but still annoying.

Annie -, etc. said...

I wanted to follow you on Bloglovin but then lo' and behold its servers are down. Ugh! Oh well.. I've been following and admiring your blog for a while now and would love it if you followed mine too (when the BL servers are back)?

Annie ( AKA

~ Darlene said...

I switched all my blogs to Bloglovin' from Google reader and I like it so much better...sometimes change IS good! I have unsuscribed to all the emails as they come in and now read them all through Bloglovin'

1 email and all my blogs listed that I can scroll through and read. I never miss one or have them get lost in all the other email. I found that I never went to my dashboard to read blogs and only read the ones that come into my email.

I hope all bloggers start putting this button on their is really so much nicer--for me anyway! :)

~ Darlene