Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dear Husband

ever since I met you, we've been inseparable!
this was taken on our wedding day!
I love camping with you. Even through its cold, being out in the middle of nowhere freezing my butt off isn't to bad, because with you I still end up having fun. Tents, through, those are so hard to put up. Remember the first time we assembled a tent in your living room because it was raining outside?
 You just make me smile.
I'm glad we survived our honeymoon without falling off the boat or getting left in mexico! I'm sorry we both acquired food poisoning from Fat Tuesday (the only place we ate off ship) but I still had a good time with you. Thank you for buying me one abnormally large floppy blue hat and two amazing beach tickets. The mayan ruins were amazing!
carnival cruise
blue floppy hat
did you know it is really hard to kiss in this hat? True story.
I love watching anime with you!  Currently we are watching Naruto Shippuden. Thank you for putting up with my obsession over Hinata...please tell me she doesn't die! I'm glad you don't mind when I head-dive under the covers when someone bites the bucket. I'm attached to these characters! At least I know nothing can happen to Naruto, I mean, the show is named after him.
kiss butterfly
your face is yummy
I can't wait until you come home from work every evening and we watch more anime, my love. What do you want to watch next?
 I'm so glad that you are incredibly silly and good-natured! (because I'm incredibly silly and it would be weird if you wern't) You are a joy and a blessing to be around!
 Thank you for being the most wonderful husband ever!
Love, the wife :)

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

did you buy your hat in the $10 shop? it's hard to resist whenever everything is only ten bucks. :) i got an extremely large gold chain necklace with a purple octopus that has fake diamonds around it. i couldn't help myself. and yes, i have worn it in public. :)

also, camping with your husband (well not YOURS, but just husbands in general) is the best!