Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is blogging selfish?

I've struggled with this question for awhile. Is blogging selfish? I mean, its a whole web space dedicated to myself. Sounds pretty selfish, right?
this picture is relevant because it has me in it.
Regardless of the me factor, I think there are some really interesting things that are gained from being a blogger.

I don't think of blogging as a diary. Instead, the blog is my medium of communication.  To you. And to future generations; my children. I think its neat if my great great granddaughter looked me up one day and giggled.

I love "meeting" new people, making new friends, and I absolutely love the ladies I have met just through blogging. Like Rachel and Deanna and This Girl. You guys make me laugh. Deanna's birth story that she e-mailed me even made me cry! I feel like I know Deanna and Rachel, like we are real friends. I tell my husband about things they write, and for a while he thought they were actual people I hung out with.  O.o *cue awkwardness* tee hee.
group picture! Deanna is wearing a gnome hat and Rachel a flower clip
I try not to think of my blog as selfish. I try to think of it as a way to make friends and meet people, and share my life with them. I learn so much from blogs and I want others to learn from me, so they don't make the same mistakes I do!

I also, of course, use my blog for marketing purposes for my amazing rainbow sunshine Etsy shop that saves kittens.

How do you think of blogging? Why do you blog?
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