Saturday, March 9, 2013

No More Anonymous

I'm not going to be allowing "Anonymous" or "name/url" comments on my website anymore. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm just tired of getting dozens of e-mails including comments like this:
For those of you that legitimately use this feature, I'm sorry!


Mandy Jean said...

I had to do the same thing. Spammers suck!! i only allow comments from other google users. In my comment box I put the reason why and said that if you do not have a google account you can email or tweet me. :)

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i had to get rid of anonymous comments about six months ago, because i had one REALLY mean spirited commenter from florida who came back daily to criticize my parenting and talk about how i was putting myself before my children. i hated doing it, because i have family members who would anonymously comment.

but i brought it back last month and it seems like anon hasn't realized it. yet. :)

Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

I do not blame you. I just stopped accepting them too. Hate spammers.

Melissa said...

I get a lot of these too, but I moderate all my comments as they come in. it's still a hassle, though.

<3 Melissa

Eline Elena said...

I had the same problem... Those spammers are terribly annoying ><

Thanks for your comment!
And about my bag, I actually cleaned it before taking the pictures ;p Keeping a white bag clean is always a problem haha

x Elena

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

I had to do that too...It's sad that there's so many spammers out there! :(

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

noone said...

yeeeah I turned off my anonymous for that reason. spammers!! i don't want to buy your jugs of protein or visit your wholesale website! plus if you have the guts to talk smack on someone elses' blog at least have the guts to leave your name on there! And I also agree with you, I can't stand people who take advantage of the system and bum around all day.

Kotryna Bass said...

I know, I hate these spammers! I'm really excited about every comment I get and so dissapointed when it's something like that!

Michelle said...

I did it too a few weeks ago! There was one day I got over 30 spam comments and nearly lost my mind. It's been so nice to not deal with!