Friday, March 8, 2013

Katie should restart her blog!

This is a post directed at my friend Katie, who shut down her blog about a year (or two?) ago. Katie, you should start your blog back! I miss reading your funny stories! And you are awesome, and the things you shared from your heart really inspire and touch me.

(I really hope she doesn't kill me over this post. I didn't ask her...O_o warning, this post may be deleted if/when Katie sues and/or dismembers me?)

I'll give you two reasons why Katie should start her blog again.

1) Katie can do this: (yes thats really her)
2) Here are two of Katie's most recent FB status.
(Katie I hope you aren't mad! I really just think you are AWESOME and I hope we can hang out more because I want to get to know you better play with you hair ^_^)

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kmdelacruz said...

Hahahaha! I'm glad you liked my blog. Reopening it is something that I've been thinking about doing for a while now. I'll give it some more thought... ;) Thanks for all the love! :D