Friday, July 4, 2014

The Most Awesome Dress Story

You know the feeling. I was slightly bored, restless, and suddenly I found myself downtown. One of those "I must escape my house but where do I go" type of days. Why downtown? Who knows, but oh, my favorite coffee spot is here and a bookstore...

So I wander around and soak in the local life and enjoy brick streets and old signs. And then I found this dress.

In a tiny little adorable store. But perhaps I should backtrack even further. Because, you see, I have really wanted this dress for the longest time. I'd seen this exact item  on Modcloth, but the price tag had made me cry. Literally cry. But this store was having a 15% off sale. And the dress was about half the price that Modcloth listed--before I even calculated what I would save from the sale.

But. But, the only one they had in stock was a medium. I wear a large on a good day. An extra large usually. Could I perhaps, somehow, magically squeeze into it? Well, obviously it fit, since I'm writing this post today! I bought it.

And now I own a pineapple dress, and my life is complete.


  1. hahaha, awesome!! I'm a sucker for a happily-ever-after dress story!! That worked out perfectly--it's tragic when it's an almost happily ever-after story but then the item doesn't fit. I had that happen recently--I found a pair of magenta jeans with really cool zippers on them, perfect for me, on clearance for $1.44, I tried them on. They were supposedly a girls' size 14, whatever that means, but...nope, WAY too big. Maybe that's why they were on clearance, no child could fit them! :( Tragedy!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It looks great on you! Also what's that cute little house behind you?

  3. SUCH a cute dress AND an awesome story to go with it!

  4. hheehe, thats our house :P you can see a house tour here:

  5. i couldn't tell what the print was at first, but as i was reading your post i kept thinking, "i hope she says this is a pineapple dress!" :)

  6. Girlie you're looking skinny skinny! Cute dress! Pretty girl (:


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