Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recent Creations

I've been crocheting a lot while watching anime or just sitting around here or there. Last week I finished this adorable crochet bracelet using bulky yarn. I made it up as I was going a long, and didn't think to write down what I did. So, no pattern.

I'm sure if you've crochet before it would be easy to figure out.

I also made this lovely wool scarf using half double crochet.

I can't wait until fall to start enjoying these new items! Have you made anything lately?


Breenah said...

To be honest, I'm not normally a fan of crochet. I do love the scarf, though. I'm finally on the third of three knit camo hats for my first "order". My sister has a friend who's having her third boy in August and they're a hunting family. I did also manage to knit a pair of baby booties too, which might be my favorite thing to knit now.

Rachel G said...

haha--yeah, the heat of the summer isn't the best time to be thinking about wearing crocheted wool items but I bet that scarf will really come in handy when it cools down!